Hot New Archery Rests In 2015

Today’s archery rests are better than ever. Bowhunters and target archers alike will find an array of feature-packed models to choose from. Here’s a look at some of the finest archery rests at your fingertips today.
Hot New Archery Rests In 2015


Always a benchmark in terms of arrow rest design, Ripcord (; 406-683-0100) once again raises the bar with the new Ace Micro-Adjust fall-away arrow rest ($169). Topping this high-tech rest is its Ultra Slim Line Launcher, which delivers nearly 50-percent more vane clearance than other full-containment fall-away rests. The new patent-pending Right Time Fall Away System not only provides forgiveness by eliminating hand torque, but it also provides unmatched arrow stability by dropping the launcher at the precise time. The Ace’s FireFall design provides 100-percent arrow containment from the moment the Thumb-Cock launcher is raised into place, and its unique and innovative Double Down Brake system ensures that there is absolutely no bounce back. Add to this its micro-windage and elevation adjustability, and you have a must-see arrow rest this season.

Synonymous with quality, innovation and design, New Archery Products (708-488-2500; delivers the new Nighthawk ($50) arrow rest. This full-containment drop-away rest is lightweight and features super-quick operation along with sound-dampening Santoprene for whisper-quiet operation. Laser graduations make fine-tuning quick and easy, and the Nighthawk’s rugged all-metal construction is built for any weather conditions. The ultra-lightweight magnesium housing keeps weight down, and the preinstalled felt silencers on the launcher arm kill unwanted noise.

The Limited Edition UltraRest HDX Patriot ($175) from Quality Archery Designs (434-846-5839; is designed specifically for those who support the brave men and women of the U.S. Military. Handsomely designed in red, white and blue, the Patriot features total arrow containment that drops away at the right moment for total fetching clearance. Lock-Down Technology guarantees no bounce back, and the launcher will only drop when the bow is fired, not when the bow is let down slowly. The Patriot has been test fired up to 400 fps, making it perfect for use with today’s speed bows. Best of all, five dollars from every purchase will be donated to support our wounded warriors.

The longer the arrow stays in contact with the rest, the more consistently it will fly and that’s just what the Titanium Recon ($170) from Archer Xtreme (406-924-6113; delivers. Incorporating Arizona Archery’s renowned DOA tight trigger and launcher arm technologies, as well as micro-tune adjustability, the Recon’s over-molded titanium launcher supports the arrow longer and falls faster than many other conventional drop-aways, ensuring not only stability but also complete fletch clearance. Add in the Recon’s noise-dampening carbon-fiber cap, 360 degrees of containment and strong but lightweight design, and you have a rest that lives up to its “warrior proven” name.

The CMAX ($135) from the innovative folks at G5 (866-456-8836; offers 360 degrees of containment and is activated by the push of a button or simply by drawing your bow. Designed with a durable all-metal frame, the CMAX launcher arm stays in contact with the arrow longer for stable arrow flight and accuracy, and it quickly and quietly falls away, allowing virtually any fletch configuration to fly untouched. With over 1 inch of windage and vertical adjustment and a quick 5-minute set-up time, the CMAX will have you dropping arrows into the sweet spot before you know it.

Combining full arrow containment with Vertical Drop Technology, the HX ($130) is the latest in arrow rest design from Trophy Ridge (800-694-9494; The HX’s Vertical Drop Technology supports the arrow for the maximum amount of time, and at the precise moment it drops straight down to provide total clearance and tack-driving accuracy. The Quick-Cocking button makes for easy loading, and it’s made from rugged, lightweight machined aluminum. For larger-diameter arrows the containment arm can be easily removed, and the rubber inserts and rubber-coated launcher arm muffle game-spooking noises.

One of Trophy Takers’s (406-826-0600; most popular rests was enhanced to provide even more bone-crushing accuracy. The improved SmackDown Pro ($140) has a sleek design and features a stainless-steel launcher and axle pivot on super-smooth bearings that ensure reliability. The advanced clasp and activation cord can be configured to attach to the upper or lower limb, and the full-containment ring offers a side-loading bristle-guard slot for easy arrow loading. The built-in launcher dampeners provide silence with every shot, and the laser-etched windage and elevation marks provide easy tuning with this all-metal construction arrow rest.

Turning heads with the original Limbdriver arrow rest, Vapor Trail Archery (763-862-8870; is attracting both hunters and target archers alike with the revolutionary Limbdriver Pro-V ($130). A limb-driven arrow rest, the Pro-V features full-capture capabilities and has an adjustable spring tension and free-floating launcher arm that supports the arrow for up to 70 percent of the release cycle. Even with today’s fast bows, this provides consistent arrow stability and shot placement every time the string is released. The adjustable spring-tension provides fine-tuning capabilities, and the over-molding on the launcher arm keeps the draw and shot cycle whisper quiet.

Quality meets affordability with TruGlo’s (888-887-8456; new Carbon XS ($50) drop-away arrow rest. This adjustable full-containment rest offers sealed bushings that increase downward speed and a high-strength torsion spring that increases the stainless-steel launcher arm’s performance, and it’s constructed from a combination of lightweight composites and CNC-machined metal components for overall durability. The Carbon XS is quick and easy to install and attaches to the downward-moving buss cable. Best of all, this full-containment rest provides maximum vane clearance and downrange accuracy with every shot.

Axion’s (330-343-0900; www.axionarchery) full-containment Pulse Automatic Arrow Rest is engineered to guide the arrow longer, retract faster and then reset itself to the upright position automatically. Unlike conventional drop-away rests, the triggering cable on the Pulse attaches to the lower half of the string or cable, which causes the launcher to stay up longer and provide longer cradling contact with the arrow upon release. The power-retract mechanism engages and then pulls the launcher away up to five times faster than spring-loaded rests. This provides maximum fletching clearance and straighter arrow flight. At the end of the shot cycle, the internal rotary damper continues to apply pressure on the launcher, holding it down longer to ensure fletch clearance. The launcher then slowly returns to the ready position automatically. The Pulse is available in eight colors for complete bow customization.

A proven leader in archery accessory innovation and design, Fuse (801-363-2990; teamed up with QAD to develop the Fuse UltraRest ($130). Featuring renowned Velocity Drop Away Technology (VDA), the Fuse UltraRest uses a patented internal cam/brake system to keep its ABS launcher in the capture position until the arrow is released. Once the arrow is released, the VDA technology uses speed and timing to drop the launcher at the precise moment to ensure more arrow stability and total fletch clearance, and Lock-Down Technology guarantees no bounce back.

The Pro Drop ($160) from Arizona Archery Enterprises (928-772-9887; is a limb-activated fall-away rest engineered with the tightest of tolerances. Providing consistency, accuracy and durability, the Pro Drop’s axle rotates on twin ball-bearing assemblies that ensure speed and longevity, and its no-stretch activation cable attaches to the upper limb. The micro-adjustability of the rest, both horizontally and vertically, makes the Pro Drop a breeze to set up. Its urethane, over-molded, spring steel launcher arm supports the arrow three quarters of the way through the shot cycle before quickly and silently falling away, allowing plenty of clearance for even high-profile fletching. The Pro Drop rest is machined from tough, aircraft-grade 6061 T-6 aluminum for strength and durability in even the most extreme and rugged hunting conditions.

Schaffer Performance Archery (952-894-6169;, who brought you Opposed Pin Technology in the bright Opposition Air Sight, has also developed complete containment in the Opposition Lite ($140) arrow rest. The Opposition’s unique cushioned V-Block containment arms lock the arrow into position either manually before the shot or during the draw. When the arrow is released, the V-Block arms quietly open in a flash, releasing the arrow and providing complete fletch clearance.    

Partnering with QAD, Mathews (608-269-2728; introduces the Mathews UltraRest HDX. This collaboration joins the compatibility and versatility of the popular UltraRest with the standards Mathews is known for to optimize performance and provide perfect fit, finish and quality for Mathews bows. Featuring Smart Rest Technology so the rest drops when fired and not when letting down, the Mathews UltraRest is a full-containment drop-away rest that provides complete fletch clearance. In addition, Mathews’ legendary Harmonic Dampers kill excess vibration and noise. A custom Mathews Mounting Bar ensures the rest will perfectly fit Mathews bows.

So what do you do when you already have one of the most tunable and adjustable arrow rests on the market? You make it even better for today’s demanding bowhunter. Ideal for bowhunters, the Full Capture Versa Rest ($240) from Hamskea (970-978-8490; still offers the same versatility and tune-ability of the original Versa Rest. Incorporating Hamskea’s buffered pull cable, which eliminates launcher rebound, the Full Capture Versa Rest can be configured as a limb- or cable-actuated fall-away rest, has micro-adjustability for both windage and elevation, and comes standard with the Accu-Guide launcher and containment launcher arms. Its no-slip leverage arm offers eight positions of adjustability for maximum versatility, and the new containment bracket is made of extremely durable 30-percent glass-filled nylon material.

PSE (520-884-9065; and QAD worked together to produce the PSE UltraRest HDX ($159 black, $175 red and Mossy Oak), an UltraRest model specifically designed for a tight fit and exceptional performance on PSE’s high-tech bows. Like other UltraRest models, the PSE UltraRest offers total containment and Lock-Down Technology for complete fletch clearance and no bounce back.   

If you’re looking for a quality, affordable fall-away rest, check out the Whisperflite Fall Away Rest ($50) by Alpine Archery (208-746-4717; Whisperflite offers independent vertical and horizontal adjustment, and its uniquely designed spring-loaded launcher cradles the arrow while in the lowered position. The dual bearings mounted into the bracket ensure consistency with every shot, and the activation cord can be mounted to either buss cable or cable slide. Lastly, because of the multiple holes, it can be mounted to virtually any bow.

The APA Twister CDX ($120) is the latest in a full line of arrow rests, as well as other quality archery equipment, from APA Archery (306-948-5101; A true full-containment drop-away rest, the Twister CDX features micro right/left adjustability and a large pentagonal arrow cradle for complete fletch clearance. Constructed from aircraft aluminum, brass and stainless steel, the Twister CDX is tough as nails.


The Hostage Max ($60) from Octane ( offers full arrow containment from start to finish while also providing complete vane clearance once the arrow is released. With a durable all-metal housing, the Hostage Max has unique arrow-supporting brushes that can be independently adjusted to fit any arrow, and because it offers windage and elevation adjustments, you can have confidence that your arrow will fly true.

For those who want superior arrow security and no-fail reliability, there’s the Trophy Ridge (800-694-9494; Kill Shot. Offering windage and elevation adjustment, this composite-encased Whisker Biscuit is an incredible 150-percent stronger than previous models. Special rubber boots make for silent arrow loading. The Kill Shot is now available in pink, yellow, red, orange and green in addition to the original brown option.


Specifically designed for the tournament archers, the Edge ($131), from Spot-Hogg (888-302-7768;, features a no-clamp vertical and horizontal micro-adjust for easy adjustment with a single screw. The blade also offers micro-adjustability with a simple turn of the click screw, making the Edge one of the most easily adjustable performance rests available today to the target archer. To further aid accuracy and repeatability, the Edge is able to be locked down to guarantee zero bearing or bushing play, and to ensure repeatability it also offers a self-centering blade, designed to make blade replacement easy and exact.

Redesigned from the original Bodoodle Pro Lite, the Bodoodle Pro Lite II ($90) fromSpeciality Archery (800-555-2856; weighs a scant 3.2 ounces and is made from rugged 6061 T-6 aluminum. Offering over 1 inch of windage and elevation adjustments for fine-tuning, the Pro Lite II features a zero-play frictionless yoke assembly and smooth bearings for both quiet and dependable shooting. The unique stainless-steel Speed Fins are available in .015 and .023 thickness, depending on the arrow size, and come with revolutionary Smoke Quiet tape to ensure complete silence during the draw.


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