“Black Guns Matter” Campaign Launched

The Black Guns Matter Tour is being planned for a 13-city tour with intent raise education on gun rights and the importance of ownership and safety.

“Black Guns Matter” Campaign Launched

Maj Toure is a gun-rights activist who could be coming to a city near you.

Toure is a strong believer in the Second Amendment, gun ownership and gun safety, and he’s started a new campaign — “Black Guns Matter” (BGM) — to spread knowledge about all three.

“The launch of BGM kicked off a planned 13-city tour, with similar events in cities like Baltimore and Chicago with high rates of gun violence, where (Toure) feels gun training could make a difference,” Toure posted on his Facebook page, quoting a story on Breitbart.com.

Toure’s new campaign has gotten national attention by Fox News, the NRA and other outlets, and it was the topic of a feature in Ebony magazine, where he was able to detail the message he trying to bring.

“There’s so much ignorance around the Second Amendment, especially in the ‘hood,” Toure told Ebony. “The general public thinks if you have a firearm, then you’ve got to be this horrible person. [But] having a firearm and being a responsible gun owner is good citizenship. You can protect against negative portions of the community and law enforcement. Anybody not trying to do the right thing is a tyrant or a terrorist, for lack of a better term. We created something that would address that, as opposed to complaining about it.”

In the interview, Toure was adamant that “Black Guns Matter” has no intersection with “Black Lives Matters,” though BGM obviously is a play off the name of the Black liberation movement. Toure, a Philadelphia native, admits he sees how people could make a connection, but he explained to Ebony that BGM is for offering any strategic advice for gun rights and doing things to help.

To sum it up better, Toure told the magazine: “We ain’t really about marching. We’re more about getting in, informing people, training the people and getting them to stand on their own.”

Toure’s planned 13-city tour definitely follows the model he has in mind, taking information straight to those who need it most.

The first event of the Black Guns Matter Tour is already scheduled in Baltimore for Sept. 11, but Toure has set up a GoFundMe page to raise the remaining money needed. Currently nearly $6,000 has been raised by “solutionarys” (a term Toure calls his movement’s supporters), with the final goal being $25,000.


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