The following “From The Readers” came as an interesting email surprise.

We often talk about the importance of getting youth involved in our sport, but do we ever really think of the courage it may take some youth to tell their friends they”re choosing a tree stand over a ball and glove?

13-year-old Laura Chinchak is pretty courageous.

Here are her thoughts.

Is hunting a sport????

by: Laura Chinchak

Hunting is an increasingly popular sport!

As hunting is no longer a necessary means for survival, its presence in our society is under scrutiny. While some want to maintain the time-honored tradition, others want to see a pastime they feel is unfair restricted by law. Hunting has evolved into a sport and gained a fan base and an opposition. Those who enjoy the sport can find its positive attributes, but anti-hunting organizations see it as cruel treatment of animals.

­When sport hunting — with the use of a gun or bow — the individual goal is usually a trophy. Trophies include pelts, heads, antlers or other body part of the game. Parts are sent to a taxidermist, who cleans stuffs and preserves the remnants into the trophies we often see mounted in lodges and homes across the country.

Whether you”re an avid sport hunter or an animal advocate now would be a great time to put on your orange hunter vest and read the rest of the article. What better way to form an opinion than by considering both sides of the topic?

Sure it”s a sport by any definition of the word-

A sport is something you want to win at- so it is with hunting – you want to be successful.

A sport is competition- every hunter wants to outdo his know it all buddy

A sport has fans– just look at the hunting shows on TV and see how much viewership they have. Especially the bow hunting shows.

A sport has clothing, logos, sponsors, etc. – hunting has all those.

A sport has heroes their fans look up to- again, just look at the hunting shows on TV, and how the fans idolize the hunters in them.

A sport is fun to participate in- nothing is more fun than hunting

Hunting is a sport everyone can participate in, unlike ball players, golf players, or Nascar drivers, which demand talent that most others do not have

Hunting- the greatest sport on earth, bar none.

Laura”s grandfather is a gunsmith, and has made her entire family”s rifle for them. Laura shoots a 7mm-08.

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