Florida’s 57-year-old ban on hunting with suppressors has been repealed. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted unanimously to striking “silencer-equipped” from the state’s list of prohibitions in General Rules of Taking Game, making their use legal for hunting deer, gray squirrels, rabbits, wild turkeys, quail, and crow. Immediately following that, the Commission voted to authorize and Executive Order that would make hunting all animals with suppressors immediately legal.

Florida becomes the 33rd state to allow hunters to hunt all game with suppressed firearms. A 34th state, Montana, allows suppressors for hunting of some animals. Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana all also approved legislation this year.

The American Suppressor Association was a leading advocate for the change.

“ASA would like to thank everyone who worked on the issue, including the Unified Sportsmen of Florida, and the National Rifle Association,” read a press release noting the approval of the Florida changes. “We would also like to thank the Commissioners of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for their unanimous support, and to their Executive Director for signing Executive Order # 14-32. Most importantly, we would like to thank all of the sportsmen and women in Florida who took the time to support this initiative. Because of your efforts, hunting in Florida has become a safer and more enjoyable experience. The American Suppressor Association looks forward to continuing to work towards our goal of legalizing suppressor ownership and hunting in all 50 states. We would like to thank Florida for taking us all one step closer.”