To those unfamiliar with the world of competitive rifle shooting the name Dennis DeMille may not mean much. However, those immersed in this world of ultra-precision, highly competitive shooting “nerds” hold that name in reverence. That’s because Marine Corps veteran DeMille is a multi-year national rifle champion. He’s been the Marine Corps Rifle Champion in 1992 and 2002; NRA National Service Rifle Champion, 2003; NRA National Match Rifle Champion, 2005; NRA National Civilian Service Rifle Champion, 2009; National Record Holder, 200-yard Rapid Fire Sitting (300-28X); and National Record Holder, National Match 4-Man Team Match (1989-104 – Team Creedmoor: D. DeMille/D. Tubb/N.Houle/R.Zerr.)

Fast forward to now. DeMille is currently general manager of Creedmoor Sports of Anniston, Alabama, a company that has been providing competitive shooters with shooting gear since 1979. Recently Creedmoor Sports began producing its own limited line of rifle and handgun ammunition focused primarily on competitive shooters but also for big-game hunting. With a man as finicky about everything shooting as DeMille at the helm, you can take it to the bank that quality control is paramount. The company uses only top-quality components from premium manufactures like Lapua, Hornady, Sierra Bullets and Nosler.

“As a National Rifle Champion and having fired probably a gazillion rounds down range (mostly handloads), I would not hesitate to compete with this ammunition on a national level,” DeMille has been quoted as saying on multiple occasions.

“We use components other companies won’t because of the cost of those components. Selling to customers directly rather than through distributors gives us that ability. The other thing that sets us apart is quality control. Every morning before production begins on any caliber, the first 10 rounds to come off each machine are tested for chamber pressure, muzzle velocity, extreme spread, standard deviation and concentricity using our own test room located just a few yards from our loading machines. We also stop and retest every time we pop the lid on a new keg of powder, or start using a new lot of any of the components. Every round is hand inspected prior to packaging and shipping. I’m confident that what we deliver to our customer is superior in every way. If I wouldn’t shoot it at the nationals I wouldn’t sell it to you.”

Let’s talk pricing. Because Creedmoor Sports sells consumer direct, you cut out the middleman. That reduces the cost to you dramatically. On the company website, if you mix or match any 10 boxes of ammunition you get free shipping as well. For example, on the website .the 30-06 ammo I shot for this review with 150-grain Hornady spire point (as well as the load featuring match grade 167-grain Lapua Scenar hollow point bullets) sells for $28.35/box of 20, or $62.50/box of 50. Currently the company offers rifle ammo in .223, .308, .30-06 and 6.5 Creedmoor, and pistol ammo in .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 9mm, .380 Auto, .38 special, 100mm and .357 Mag.

OK, this is all well and good. But does it shoot in my hunting rifle? I took the .30-06/150-grain load to the range and selected a workingman’s rifle for my range work — a Ruger All-American Rifle topped with a Nikon 3-12×44 scope. I shot it using a very stable Champion Premium Shooting Rest on a calm, 70-degree morning in the southern Arizona desert.

Factory specs for this ammo show a muzzle velocity of 2825 fps. Through my ancient Shooting Chrony chronograph, 10 rounds gave me a standard deviation of just 15.5 fps and an average muzzle velocity of right at 2820 fps through the rifle’s 22-inch barrel. But did it shoot? As you can see by the little 3-shot cluster here, accuracy was pretty dang amazing. As someone very familiar with the terminal performance capabilities of the Hornady spire point bullet on big game, you can rest assured that I would take this ammunition afield in a heartbeat.

Though my little test was limited in scope, I am very impressed with both the performance and value of Creedmoor rifle ammunition. For more information of this, and the many other excellent shooting products the company offers, visit their website,