In the world of deuces and guns, it's the innocuous twenty-two that continues to surprise, but you have to be a history buff to take full advantage. A trip to your local auctioneer could help, but pick one with a passion for guns.

All this is a way of introducing a bit of firearms yesteryear and a dandy idea of a miniature machine gun, the 1919A4 Tippmann 22lr. Made in the early 1980s, and only in small quantities at that, these fully transferable guns were made with amazing detail. But what made them truly exciting it that they fired belt driven rimfire .22s. Talk about a great fun day at the range!

Sadly, the guns are only collector's items, as Fiocchi's David Shaw related to us Wednesday at SHOT. But if you're lucky enough to find one of these semi-relic machine guns, Shaw has the right ammo for the job in Fiocchi's lineup of twenty-twos. One can only wish.

Beyond that, in modern-day America however, is Fiocch's new for 2014 9mm shotshells — we call them snake loads in the west — are made for another historical keepsake, the rare Flobert rimfire single shot bolt action rifle, a relic made by Winchester. Why make ammo for guns not widely available in digital America? "Because," responded Shaw, "you never know when an auction house might come calling."