Fine double barrels usually hold a special place in the hearts of traditional shotgun aficionados. Their grace and beauty, intricate details and (oftentimes) hearken us back to a more genteel time, when grace and decorum were as much a part of time afield as game in the bag.

For 2015, Famars USA is offering a unique opportunity to own one of these special guns. The Avantis is a traditional side-by-side in 28ga built on a petite, proportional frame. A limited edition, only 20 guns will be released in 2015, and the first twelve to be sold will include two barrel sets – which is like getting an extra gun for the same price.

Billed as the only droplock, sidelock side-by-side in the world, the Avantis comes with selective or double triggers and customized engraving on the side plates. Grade V wood on the traditional English stock is, in a word, amazing.

As you would imagine, a shotgun of this quality and beauty comes at a premium price – the Avantis starts at $29,999. But for fans of fine double barrels, a gun of this quality is worth every penny.

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