When shooting instructor Kim Klein couldn't find concealed carry handbags that she liked, she designed her own. Since women do so many things in their busy lives, she said, they need handbags for concealed carry that go lots of places with them.

"In my opinion, women are the biggest up and coming market in the industry," she said.

Klein designed a line of handbags that she calls Everyday Tactical Gear.

"I personally go to a lot of fundraisers, so I made a cocktail purse," she said. "And I don't like to carry big purses, so I made a wrist purse."

Both purses have slim lines that conceal even a full sized semi-auto without tell-tale bulges.

"The original wrist purse came with just a wrist strap, but customers asked for a shoulder strap so I added one that you can take off," Klein said.

Women want to carry in a purse that isn't bulky or manly, and they want to carry something larger than a .380 in a way that it doesn't show, Klein said. The cocktail purse allows a woman to carry something as large as a .45 in style, without it showing … which is the point of concealed carry in the first place.