You’re never going to believe this, but another California politician wants to pass gun legislation without actually having anything resembling a clue about how guns work.

State Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, was giving a press conference about his new proposed measure, SB808, that would require anyone in California who makes a homemade gun (by use of 3D printer technology or other means) to apply for a serial number and undergo a background check.

The speech goes off the rails early, when de Leon holds up a homemade fully automatic rifle that was confiscated by the Department of Justice and calls it a “ghost gun.” The Internet is crucifying him for this remark, but we’ll let it slide, as the term (though obscure) is sometimes used to refer to guns that do not have a serial number. OK.

It gets worse when he tells us that the gun has a “.30-caliber clip” (lots of people use “clip” when they mean “magazine,” so maybe we can let that one go as well) that can fire 30 bullets in half a second. And that, as any gun nut knows, is a completely made-up number.

Already going downhill in a hurry, the speech gets even more absurd when he busts out the phrase “30-magazine clip” as if those words strung together actually mean anything.