When you have the opportunity to hunt wild hogs, a situation where many targets often present themselves, having an AR shouldered is an excellent weapon choice.

Having a Seekins Precision rifle is even better.

Known for their custom hand-built American made ARs, Seekins has been making a move into the hunting market lately. You might have seen them on “Addicted To The Outdoors.” If you haven’t, don’t worry you’ll be getting to know them soon.

This week they released their highly anticipated SP10 in 6.5 Creedmoor. If that’s too much heft for your liking take a look at the NOXs line.

Seekins’ No Excess Rail is a key weight reducing component, but NOXs rails don’t sacrifice gear attachments. Combined with ambidextrous controls and a 16-inch match-grade barrel, these rifles are user friendly and highly adaptable.

Back to the hogs. Sadly, none appeared on this visit to Mississippi. But we still had a blast shooting the NOXs.

Discover more about the NOXs rifles below.