The number of colors seen adorning firearms at the shooting range is growing. Just as most people personalize their phone or computer with custom pictures, shooters are starting to put some money and effort into personalizing their guns. And now a new product from DuraCoat makes it even easier for gun owners to customize the look of their gun without too much trouble.

Utilizing a special "can within a can," DuraCoat's new Aerosol contains both finish and hardener in one easy to use package. The hardener is contained within the inner can, while the main body, which outwardly looks just like a normal can of spray paint, contains the DuraCoat and the propellant. Simply release the hardener, shake to mix, and spray. No baking required. One can contains enough finish for two to four firearms and can be used for up to 48 hours after hardener release. This means that the average gun owner can do this on his or her back patio.

The Aerosol is available in virtually all of DuraCoat's standard colors. One 12 ounce can costs $34.95. A kit containing one can of DuraCoat Aerosol and a can of degreasing cleaner with a scrubbing pad is also available for $39.95.