Small. Compact. Easy to operate. Those are just a few of the features that make Wildgame Innovations Buck Commander Nano Series so impressive.

“You can toss loads of these handy little cameras in your pack and go get them hung,” said Wildgame’s Major Person. “They take up very little room in the pack and are super light. I personally use these cameras and for as small as they are, I’m amazed at how many images I can get out of a set of batteries. Of course, image count will vary depending on the temperature in the region of the country you call home, but in my neck of the woods I average about 10,000 images on a single set of batteries.”

Popular in 2014, the Nano Series received a 2015 facelift – the megapixel quality on all three cameras was boosted.

“Last year the Nano Series group came in 6- 8- and 10-megapixels. This year, the cameras are in 12-, 16- and 20-megapixels. More megapixels means a more quality image. All have an infrared flash and Flex Time Plus Technology. The grey/brown swirl blends into the surroundings and the wide angle lens does a great job of capturing images.”

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