Thirteen years ago, when my love affair with a stick-and-string was ignited, the first animal I went after was the fleet-footed pronghorn. Fifteen days into my first season, I was lucky (and I stress the word “lucky”) enough to zip an Easton XX78 aluminum shaft powered by a three-blade Muzzy through an 8-inch speed goat. At that moment, the thrill of chasing the prince of the plains was permanently embedded in my bowhunting heart.

To date I’ve harvested 13 pronghorn with a bow and arrow and feel confident in my approach and the gear I use. In fact, I feel so confident in my approach and my gear that it takes a lot for me to make a change, but after getting an earful about the Plotwatcher Pro from Day 6 Outdoors, I decided to do some tinkering.

The results of my tinkering: I honestly can’t believe it took me this long to put one of these time-lapse cameras over one of my pronghorn refreshment stands. Because of the Pro’s wide-angle, I can observe activity at the entire tank or pond throughout the day. I can observe the direction from which the animals approach and the direction in which they exit. Thanks to this simple-to-use product I know exactly where to place my ground blind and the direction in which the thirsty goats in my neighborhood are likely to approach from. The camera also provides the current temperature, date, time, etc.

I’ve been completely impressed with the battery life, and downloading and using the GameFinder software with MotionSearch is a breeze. With the Plotwatcher Pro  I can set the time of day I want the camera to start and end, and when I pull the card, I can view hours of video quickly. When I need to slow the video down, I simply reduce the speed or use the “Step” button to go screen by screen.

Now, I’m not saying traditional game cameras don’t have their place. I will, of course, continue to use them in many situations. What I love about the Plotwatcher Pro, especially over a waterhole or tank, is the fact that it records activity around the entire area (the wide-angle is amazing) in a time-lapse mode throughout the entire day. Check out the attached video and try one out for yourself.

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