It’s just before dawn and you’re confident the decoy spread you’ve spent hours working on is going to draw ducks. The dog next to you is shaking with anticipation. You stand up to give the setup one last check — and you hear the splash. Your heart sinks, knowing something important just took a swim. Were those your truck keys that just sank to the bottom of the marsh?

Next time, try using the Gear Keeper Retractable Gear Attachment System for your “can’t-lose” items.

Gear Keeper is no stranger to being around the water. The first Gear Keeper products were designed for SCUBA gear. All of the Gear Keeper Retractable Gear Attachment Systems have a patented flushing system that clears sand and debris from the unit and is saltwater-proof. The super tough nylon/spectra line is highly abrasion-resistant and won’t let you down. As a waterfowl hunter you can be confident the Gear Keeper products are made from the toughest materials and are designed to be tough enough to withstand the harshest environments.

Call Lanyards

Every waterfowl hunter knows having your calls handy can be the difference between getting the birds to come in or watching them fly by. Gear Keeper has several options to ensure your calls are right where you need them. The retractable call lanyard can be used as a single-, double-, triple- or quad depending on your needs. If you are hunting ducks one day and geese the next, the quick-disconnect system allows you to swap out your calls as needed. If a traditional neck lanyard is your preference, the tangle-proof call lanyard is just the ticket. This lanyard has the calls spaced out properly to avoid having to do the untangle rodeo while birds are flying by. All of the lanyards come with rugged connectors, and you have the choice of slip-knot or spring-loaded call retention.

Outdoor Instrument Tether

Gear Keeper has a handy new tether specifically for the outdoorsmen. You can now carry your radio, GPS, rangefinder, small binoculars, keys or anything else you don’t want to lose. The 25-inch extension ensures plenty of room to use your gear. You can secure the tether system to your body in several ways: heavy-duty snap clip, rotating belt clip, Velcro strap mount, or threaded stud mount (to secure to clothing). Whichever mounting system you choose, you will be confident in knowing your gear will always be handy and secure.

There’s also a great retractor that works with most dog-training transmitters, as well as a specific Tritronics retractor designed especially for the Tritronics line of transmitters. The transmitter retractors are available in the same mounting configurations as the Outdoor Instrument Tether, and transmitter holsters are an option as well.

Knowing your important “can’t lose” gear is secure gives you peace of mind so you can concentrate on the task at hand — all at an affordable price. The confidence you have in the Gear Keeper will make it the gear you won’t leave home without!