Geese Decoys

real geese decoy

Real-Geese Silhouette Decoys

Real-Geese uses digitally enhanced, detailed images and high-quality materials in their silhouette decoys. The Pro Series II dekes feature a patented, textured, non-reflective surface on both sides of the decoys, with a detailed, true-to-life color image and 12 different poses. They’re about 15 percent larger than a 12-pound honker and work well used by themselves or with any other of the company’s silhouettes. The color-matched stake system keeps everything looking as real as possible. A dozen Pro Series II dekes will include 12 different poses. The company also offers several other series that includes other species, including more Canadas, snows and blues, mallard and pintail drakes and hens, turkeys, sandhill cranes and even a cow-shaped “confidence decoy/blind.”

big foot decoy

Big Foot Decoys

These magnum decoys offer realism, rugged construction, and great performance. They’re molded from tough polyethylene with a feather detail molded in for a lifelike appearance. The leg-foot assembly allows you to use these decoys without stakes or tie-downs — they stand on their own two feet. Each decoy has just three parts: head, body and legs/feet. They come in a pack of four, and the uprights come with three flocked head styles. The feeders (shown) come with four full feeding flocked heads. Magnum size is 34 inches long by 26 inches high by 11 inches wide.

deadly decoy

Deadly Decoys

More than just your typical windsocks, Deadly Decoys go a few steps further with the addition of a BackBone Support system, realistic “body bags” and a variety of detailed, detachable heads. They can be staked, which reduces wear and tear by keeping them off the ground. No wind? No problem. With the BackBone, the decoys are off the ground and moves and changes direction in the slightest breeze. Too much wind? Not a problem either. The BackBone only allows side-to-side movement, so a high wind won’t produce erratic flipping and flopping like you’ll see out of other windsocks.

Duck Decoys

carry lite duck commander decoy

Carry-Lite Duck Commander Series

Designed by the Duck Commander himself, Phil Robertson, these decoys display molded-in, 3D, realistic feather details that incorporate ridges and grooves for realistic shadow effects. They’re made of high-quality ABS plastic that resists fading, won’t crack when frozen, and won’t let the paint chip off. The Mallard 12-pack includes six semi-alert drakes (shown), two preening drakes and four semi-alert hens. The Duck Commander line also includes gadwalls, blue-winged teal and green-winged teal.

flambeau duck decoy


Storm Front decoys are made of a durable plastic resin and feature realistic paint schemes and patent-pending UVision Technology, matching the reflectance of real feathers in the full range of light visible to waterfowl, including ultra-violet. Flambeau calls these “battleship” decoys because they’re tough and durable. An innovative keel design includes four tie-off points, creating unique motion options for light- or heavy-wind days. A depth-adjusting anchor eyelet allows you to change water depths quickly, and the anchor cord can be easily wrapped around the keel with the anchor perfectly secured above the keel for storage and quick, easy deployment.

greenhead gear duck decoy

Greenhead Gear

The Pro-Grade Series from GHG is made by folks who know the demands of waterfowlers. These rugged decoys use a solid 60/40 keel to produce a superior ride in swift current and heavy chop. Vivid colors, intricate feather detail and anatomical precision ensure great visibility and realism in all species.

dakota decoy duck

Dakota Decoys

Dakota X-Treme Mallards offer six different head styles per dozen decoys — the heads come attached, but spin a full 360 degrees so you can customize your spread. The drake dekes go through a 24-step painting process for a lifelike finish. They are manufactured out of tough polyethylene and use the most durable paint possible for years of trouble-free use. These are slightly oversized decoys, measuring 16 inches in length, and they have a weighted keel designed with the hunter in mind.

cherokee sports duck decoy

Cherokee Sports

Fusion Series decoys from Cherokee Sports combine the look of a hand-carved decoy with a popular photo-printed lightweight design. The inflatable decoy bodies are photo-printed with actual photos of live ducks. They’re made of a durable plastic material that resists leaks, and the color printing is durable as well. A molded head adds realism. A variety of species is available.

david church cork duck decoy

David Church

Cork decoys are famously lightweight and ride beautifully in the water. If that appeals to you, check out carver David Church. His Black Cork Decoys measure 15 inches long by 8 inches wide by 8 inches high and are fully carved, sealed and painted. The non-glare paint is sealed to ensure durability and a wood keel adds stability. A hard plastic head swivels and is fitted with an eyebolt. All decoys are signed and dated, and all are carved by hand. A six-pack of puddlers or divers will set you back $225, but Church claims you will need fewer decoys in your spread when using cork than you will using plastic.

mojo duck decoy


Everyone needs a little motion in their spread, right? The MOJO Floater has proved immensely popular in recent years, and MOJO’s redesigned it to make it even better. They redesigned the floater to make it as realistic-looking as possible, and it’s practically unsinkable. It’s based on a specially designed decoy body in the correct stretching position and utilizes a snap-on durable float that makes it highly stable. The Floater comes with a rechargeable battery charger and is remote-capable. Watch the wings spin and draw birds in! Available in mallard and bluebill.

wonderduck duck decoy


If a little motion is good, more motion is better, right? Enter the Super Wonderduck paddle wheel decoy. You can use the Paddle Wheel Combo on a pole (built-in mount) or on water. It comes with orange weedless rotating paddles and 8 ½-inch rotating wings, high-speed 500 rpmp motor (runs up to 25 hours on two D-cell batteries), adjustable head, waterproof push-button switch and a limited and extended warranty as well as a lifetime repair guarantee. If something goes wrong, Wonderduck will fix it for a maximum of $35 — even if you shoot it! Turn it on and watch this decoy actually “swim” around in your spread. Does it get any more real than that?