Varmint hunters spend a lot of time in the woods with little to no daylight to be had. Most of us have a gadget (or 12, but who’s counting?) designed to light the dark sky and help us see what we’re doing. And most of us have asked ourselves on more than one occasion, “Do I have enough battery life?”

Rex Holmes of Vapor Trail Scents and Vapor Trail Outdoors has created a headlamp that answers that question for us.

The Display is an upgraded model of Holmes’ popular Everything Light headlamp that incorporates a built-in LCD display showing the user exactly how much runtime they have left.

Holmes designed The Display after listening to customers who raved about his headlamp’s brightness and whopping 20-hour runtime but wondered how they would know when it’s time to recharge.

Having been in the Mississippi woods with a scant sliver of moonlight, I can attest to how well The Display gets the job done. But don’t just take my word for it.