I’m a certifiable fire nut, so when I had the opportunity to try ou the new Bison Airlighter, I jumped on it! The new fire-starting devise features a butane torch and an air blower to ignite and get fires rolling fast.

For the past several months I’ve been using the Bison Airlighter for all my fire needs. The powerful butane torch, with a four-inch flame, gets charcoal burning in a hurry and campfires blazing fast. After just a few seconds of the torch, you can conserve your butane and turn on the air blower, which is essentially like a low-powered hairdryer motor that rapidly feeds oxygen into the fire for quick starts. No more dizziness or singed eyebrows from blowing on your freshly-lit campfire. Even with damp wood, the torch and blower combination work to get the fire started.

The unit has a rechargeable battery that simply plugs into a USB port and the butane is easily added to the on-board reservoir with a filtered, non-clogging butane refill can that can be purchased from any home improvement or farm store. The multi-position handle allows the unit to be folded down or straight for use. The Bison Airlighter really does get the job done quick. I now use it to start all my fires, whether for grilling, camping or starting the wood burning stove at the hunt camp. The Bison sells for around $80.