I spent this past weekend tinkering and testing BOWTECH’s new-for-2015 “Prodigy.”

At first glance its overall appearance screamed “BOWTECH flagship.” The bow sports BOWTECH’s legendary, easy-to-tune Overdrive Binary Cams, FLX-Guard to eliminate riser torque and deflexed Center Pivot Extreme Riser. But looking closer, I noticed its new standout feature: PowerShift Technology.

PowerShift Technology allows the shooter to experience three different draw force curves in a single bow. How? Integrated into the Overdrive Binary Cam System, the PowerDisc, without the need of a bow press, allows the shooter to easily “shift” to each of three different draw force settings.

Setting number one, dubbed the “Performance” setting, was designed to provide maximum speed and knock-down power. Setting two, the “Classic” setting, ensures a hard-hitting, but smooth draw, ideal for a treestand or ground blind. And for those who prefer a smooth-as-silk draw when frigid temps bite at the muscles, the number three “Comfort” setting doesn’t disappoint.

I can’t wait to get back to the range soon and do more testing at the “Classic” and “Comfort” settings — and hopefully with November right around the corner, skewer a big buck with my racy new rig.

So check out a video of our first look at the new BOWTECH Prodigy using PowerShift technology.

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