Leading sports performance outerwear company Under Armor announced today it has developed a new camouflage pattern designed for hunters stalking Western big game.

The new Elevated Ridge Reaper Barren Series camouflage pattern takes a break from most camouflage designs by replacing background mimicry with a proprietary “coincidental disruption” technology that uses irregular shapes and angles to confuse an animal’s ability to perceive patterns.

“Utilizing ‘no background’ pattern technology, this exclusive pattern weakens an animal’s natural ability to perceive complete forms, providing the crucial upper hand in a hunter’s conquest for the most dangerous game,” the company says.

Photo courtesy Under Armour

The new Elevated Ridge Reaper Barren Series pattern was developed by Under Armour pro shooters during their filming of the Ridge Reaper television show on Western hunts, UA reps say, and so far the company is holding the science behind the camouflage’s development close to its chest.

“At Under Armour we hunt some of the wildest and toughest terrain in North America, so we needed to build a product that was both resourceful and resilient,” said Bryan Offutt, Senior Director of Outdoor Marketing, Under Armour. “It has long been our goal to give all hunters that extra edge in the woods or on the mountain, and that’s exactly what we have done with our game-changing Ridge Reaper camo pattern.”

Under Armour will offer early season and extreme cold season hunting clothing in the new pattern initially, and will later include Elevated Ridge Reaper Barren Series camouflage boots; base layers; backpacks and binocular harnesses in its lineup.