Everyone wants to film their own hunts these days, and you have plenty of camera options in every size and configuration. Well, here’s one more, and it’s pretty slick.

Midland Radio’s XTC Action Camera weighs just a few ounces and measures only a few inches, but it’s packed with features. It shoots 1080p HD video and it’s simple to use — just one on/off switch operates the camera.

It’s wifi-capable, so you can download your videos easily and control the functionality of the camera with your tablet. There’s also an optional waterproof case that’s submersible up to 275 feet.

What really makes this camera functional in the field, though, is the rotating lens. Just twist the front of the lens (like twist-up eyecups on your binos) and you can film from any angle you want — vertical, horizontal, upside down, filming toward yourself — without moving the camera itself. Combined with myriad mounting options for a bow, shotgun, rifle Picatinny rail, or tree, you can put this camera almost anyway and film almost anything from the perfect angle.

MSRP on the XTC Action Camera is around $200 for black, a few bucks for the camo version.