The first thing you notice when handling the Griffin Armament Recce 7 is that it is one stout suppressor. This .30-caliber suppressor is fully-auto rated and suppresses calibers up to .300 Win. Mag. The parts are CNC machined from solid billet and Tig fusion welded for strength and maximum thermal transfer. The Recce 7 is 7.6 inches long and a bit heavier at 17½ ounces. While this is one tough suppressor, it doesn’t carry the same display quality of some of the other cleaner designs on the market. The welded areas on the front are a bit unsightly. But it’s built for strength, and that’s what matters.

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The all-steel silencer delivers excellent sound suppression in the range of 32dB reduction on the 7.62mm. It features a tuned, patent-pending baffle system offering a wide range of multi-caliber sound performance. While sound suppression was great, this model didn’t seem to reduce recoil quite as much as other .30-caliber suppressors that I’ve tested. But don’t get me wrong. The Recce 7 does smooth out the sharp punch of a .308 bolt-action rifle.

Every component in the Recce 7 is manufactured from solid billets of heat-treated, high-temperature, corrosion-resistant 17-4 stainless steel. Griffin Armament said elite tactical units requested minimal flash signature, and Griffin responded by developing a low-profile flash reducer integral to the suppressor. Each suppressor comes with a taper mount Minimalist Brake, which helps ensure that the suppressor doesn’t “back off” even after of hundreds of rounds fired down range.

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The Griffin Armament Recce 7 sells for around $725. However, Griffin Armament is offering a manufacturer promotion where you receive $200 worth of coupons in the box, which are good for purchase on Griffin Armament accessories found on its website. This is a limited-time promotion, but it is retroactive for anyone who purchases a suppressor and doesn’t receive it until after the promo ends.

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