Fruitcake is by far the least popular of all holiday foods, but it’s rare anyone would want to literally shoot the awful dessert option. That, however, didn’t stop the guys at BulletSafe. They’re back with the latest addition of How Bulletproof, this time shooting stacks of fruitcake.

Following the normal procedure, the .50-caliber desert eagle first send a bullet into the BulletSafe vest. The vest has no problem stopping the bullet. But what about the fruitcake?

The five fruitcake boxes are cut in half to make the attempt more challenging. On initial response it appears the .50-caliber bullet blew through the 10 layers with more than 1,000 ft./lbs. of energy traveling more than 1,200 ft./sec.

When the BulletSafe team checks the results, there’s the bullet — lodged into one of the latest boxes of fruitcake. Tom’s surprised is loudly exclaimed with an “Aww, yeah” of excitement.

“Folks, fruitcake is the first food item that we’ve ever shot that stopped a bullet,” he says.

Did you expect fruitcake to stop a .50-caliber desert eagle? Does this feat make you think differently of the repulsive treat?