Other than anti-gun liberals, everyone loves suppressors. They quiet a rifle’s obnoxious boom down to more palatable levels and when using sub-sonic ammo get down into the “pellet gun quiet” range.

There is some serious engineering involved in designing, creating and manufacturing a suppressor, too. After all, its job is to slow and cool gasses that are several thousand degrees. The accelerated expansion of hot gasses that pour out of a rifle’s barrel when fired are what create the loud noise known as muzzle blast. Using a series of chambers, a suppressor captures and slows this hot gas before it exits the barrel. This in turn reduces the sound signature. Think of a car driving down the road without a muffler (it’s very loud) and think about all the vehicles with mufflers (nice quiet ride).

While the concept sound cool, it would be even better to see in slow motion. Lucky for us, SmarterEveryDay has an awesome video on its YouTube channel showing just that. Check it out!