It’s kind of like one of those “why didn’t I think of this” moments when you start using the firearms cleaning products from RamRodz.

I mean, who likes threading oil-covered pads onto a cleaning rod and dealing with all the mess, right?

Well, what RamRodz did for pistol owners in every caliber from .22 rimfire to 45 ACP, they’re now do for shooters who ply longer irons.

The new RamRodz for rifles and shotguns come with cotton heads in three sizes, including 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 30 caliber for rifles chambered in .30 through 7.62.

“RamRodz offers caliber-specific, low-lint, industrial-grade and highly absorbent cotton heads that are designed to quickly and easily clean barrels, slides, receivers, chambers, magazine housings, breeches and more,” the company says. “RamRodz will not drip or splatter and eliminates the need for old-style patches.”

The new RamRodz rifle and shotgun packs come with an adaptor that fits most standard cleaning rods.

“With RamRodz, you can now enjoy gun cleaning without the hassle or the mess in a fraction of the time,” the company says.