The music world meets the hunting industry. That’s really the story of how SKB came to be. Serious musicians Dave Sanderson (the “S” in SKB) and Steve Kottman (the “K” is SKB) cut their teeth making high-quality guitar cases, jumping on the scene in 1977 after they landed their biggest client at the time, Fender.

After Fender went through a restructuring phase, SKB realized diversification was the key to their survival, so, naturally, they started tinkering in other industries. The manufacturer took a hard look at the cable industry and various others, and then in the early 1990s, according to SKB Marketing/Media Associate Laura Gatlin, caught wind that rifle hunters in Montana were using their guitar cases.

iSeries Double Bow Case

iSeries Double Bow Case

“Some rifle hunters in Montana were going into music stores and purchasing SKB keyboard cases and modifying them for their rifles,” Gatlin said. “They just ripped out the interiors and made their own, but that’s what got the ball rolling. A short time later SKB started making rifle cases, and then after consulting with Tim Strickland, the U.S. Olympic Archery Team coach, designed the very first SKB bow case. Today, we make tons of different bow, crossbow and rifle cases, and even bow-specific cases for top-end manufacturers like Hoyt, Mathews, Bowtech and TenPoint to name a few.”

Today, SKB is a major player in the bow/crossbow world, and the manufacturer continues to push the limits of case design.

“One of our most popular products is the iSeries, and when I say iSeries that means injection-molded, which equals the strongest, lightest, most waterproof and durable cases available,” Gatlin said. “One of our most popular is the iSeries 3614 Parallel Limb Bow Case. This case is just for parallel-limb bows and will house up to a dozen arrows as well – and jus

iSeries Parallel Limb Bow Case

iSeries Parallel Limb Bow Case

t to clear up a little confusion, the 3614 means the case is 36 inches long by 14 inches wide. It comes with wheels, dual handles on each end and a pressure-equalization value. Plus, all our iSeries cases come with a Lifetime Warranty – that’s a warranty that covers everything, no questions asked. If it breaks, we fix it or send you a new one.

“Another top-seller is the iSeries 4217 Double Bow Case. This one is special because it can house a pair of wider parallel-limb bows. And it’s an iSeries case, so it boasts all the features we’ve already covered.

“The last of our top-selling trio is our Hunter Series Bow Case. This is a 41-inch long by 17-inch wide case, and though it’s not an iSeries case, does come with a five-year warranty and remains one of our best sellers.”

SKB continues to unveil at least one new bow case a year, presses the limits of case technology and sits atop the “case” food chain. According to Gatlin, that’s what people appreciate most about SKB and is a trend the manufacturer plans to continue.

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