Code Blue revolutionized the scent industry with its patented “From One Deer to One Bottle” process. Steve Lambeth, Code Blue’s brand manager, shared his thoughts on a few notable products in Code Blue’s line.

“Doe Estrous is an attractant scent for whitetail hunters interested in gaining a serious advantage on bucks,” he said. “Understanding that a buck identifies a specific doe based on her scent, Code Blue guarantees that each bottle of deer urine is collected from an indi- vidual animal. Every bottle is fresh, certified and marked with the reg- istration number of the individual deer from which it was collected.”

Code Blue’s stringent and thorough collection process ensures every bottle is pure, premium, fresh and, most importantly, collected from an individual doe in heat. “The Code Blue collection process ‘From One Deer to One Bottle’ captures true-to-life scent unrivaled by competing scents or lures, and its potency attracts rutting bucks like a magnet,” Lambeth said. “Doe Estrous is available in a 1-fluid- ounce bottle at $12.95 MSRP.”

Code Blue recently refined Screamin’ Heat, its most realistic and popular estrous scent. “Developed through extensive, scientific research and collected with meticulous accuracy, Screamin’ Heat is 100 percent pure estrous urine specially enhanced with all-natural white-tailed doe secretions, making the product the next best thing to having a live estrous doe near your stand,” Lambeth said. “The unique procedure Code Blue uses enables special doe secretions to be added, making Screamin’ Heat as fresh and natural as the real thing. Screamin’ Heat is available in a 1-fluid-ounce bottle at $17.99 MSRP.”

This year, Code Blue introduced an entire new scent-elimination line called D/Code. “D/Code is the hunter’s answer to having a com- plete line of odor elimination that includes wipes, deodorant, body wash, field spray and laundry detergent,” Lambeth stated. “Proven to be 99.9 percent effective at eliminating odor-causing bacteria, D/ Code keeps your body and clothes scent free for hours. Made from natural ingredients, D/Code contains natural, medical-grade nanosil- ver particles that actively destroy six odor-causing bacteria types and prevent the growth of new ones. Like all Code Blue products, the D/Code scent-elimination line is dedicated to scientific products, making it one of the market’s top scent-elimination lines.”

Of course, Code Blue will continue researching and developing its products in an effort to give its customers an edge.

“Code Blue is always looking for new, innovative ways to help hunters become more successful through attractant scents and scent-elimination products,” Lambeth said. “We’re not going to tip our hand, but 2017 is going to be a monumental year for Code Blue.”

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