The Burt Coyote Co. was founded in late 1998 when brothers Eric and Curtis Price invented the Lumenok and some lighted fishing products. Lumenoks were the concept of Curtis Price, Burt Coyote president, who had grunted a mature buck within bow range but missed. The search for his arrow to confirm the miss took a long time, but sure enough, it was clean.

“As I drove home, my mind wouldn’t stop spinning,” Price recalled. “Wouldn’t it be great if I had a nock that lit up, allowing me to not only see my arrow in flight, but also to mark the arrow’s location if I missed or got a pass-through?

“We started selling the Lumenok in 2002 at the AMO Show (now ATA),” Price said. “The previous four years were spent developing a lighted arrow nock that could be used by bowhunters. We went through 17 prototypes before settling on a design. We’ve continued making our products better, and we manufacture in the U.S.A. We have real customer service where you can actually talk to a human being from this country.”

Always on technology’s forefront, Lumenok has introduced a new product called the Arrow Puller Extinguisher. “We’re excited about our new Arrow Puller Extinguisher,” Price said. “It’s designed for helping people turn off our lighted crossbow nocks. It clips onto an arrow in your quiver so it’s always handy. It’ll pull any arrows, and can be helpful turning off any Lumenok. We introduced it at the 2016 ATA Show where it gained tons of attention and got great reviews.”

Most who know the Burt Coyote Co. are bowhunters who shoot its Lumenoks. Few would associate the company with golfing, but this is an area of real growth for the company. “We manufacture a putting aid for golfers who have struggles called the Putting Stroke Teacher,” Price said. “We were picked the Best of Show at the 2016 PGA show by Golf Digest.”

Price mentioned many competitors have risen up in the lighted- nock category since the Lumenok was first introduced. “The future looks kind of cloudy for us because of all the other lighted nocks in our category,” Price said. “Most competing nocks are powered by bobber lights. This is a light made to light up a bobber, not an arrow nock. Our nocks are far brighter than any other and can be seen in broad daylight. Our nocks are made for replaceable batteries, unlike our competition. We make the market’s brightest, longest-lasting lighted arrow nocks. All others are imitations. We hope we can continue what we started.”

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