Wildgame Innovations launched in 2002, bringing wildlife-nutrition products to market. Its owners felt most existing minerals and supplements lacked in one vital area: nutrition. And while WGI has carved out its due portion of market share in the mineral/attractant segment, many of the nation’s most serious hunters choose its game cameras, too.

“A brand of Plano Synergy Holdings, WGI sits in a unique position,” Sheldon Lovelace, Plano Synergy’s national account manager, said. “Since its birth in 2002, WGI has become a distinguished leader in hunting technology. From hunt preparation to scouting to harvest, WGI helps modern hunters achieve their goals.”

Lovelace said WGI’s game cameras feature space-age technology without bank-breaking prices. “WGI employs the best practices in game-camera design and development internally and leverages knowledge and creative assets from its sister companies,” he said. “This, combined with years of experience as a leading game-camera company, enables WGI to build and secure a loyal customer base. Quite simply, WGI builds great products at affordable prices.”

Three bestselling game cameras represent WGI’s innovative technology. “Any hunter who’s run trail cameras marvels at the images they collect but might wonder what passed unseen behind or to either side of the camera,” Lovelace said. “The 360 Camera revolutionizes game scouting with 360-degree image capturing. Housed in a cylinder are six sensors tied to a high-quality, 12-megapixel camera that covers a 360-degree field of view out to 60 feet. Conventional cameras don’t provide that advantage.

“Our Cloak series trail cameras are made affordable by omitting the frills nobody uses. Both the Cloak 4 and Cloak 4 Lightsout have fast 1-second trigger speeds with video and still-picture capabilities. The Cloak 4’s high-intensity infrared LEDs deliver generous flash range without spooking deer, while the Cloak 4 Lightsout features Zero-Detection Technology with virtually invisible black-infrared LEDs.

“Weighing 1 pound and measuring 6 inches, the new Illusion series cameras are designed for maximum portability,” Lovelace continued. “Don’t be fooled by the size, though – they shoot outstanding images. The series has two models: the Illusion 6 and Illusion 8 Lightsout. Both have 1-second trigger speeds for standard motion-triggered operation. They also feature FlexTime+ time-lapse technology for monitoring expansive areas such as food plots. Included FlexTime+ software plays the time-lapse pictures like a video.”

Lovelace said to expect great things from WGI moving forward. “We have great products and great people building them,” he said. “We’re constantly using new technology to make our customers’ hunting experiences better. We’re an innovation-driven company, and we know everyone has choices. It’s our mission to exceed all expectations. We truly appreciate everyone’s support.”