Poway, California– Victory Archery, the industry leader in carbon shaft technology, has successfully penetrated the bowhunting market with its high modulus, carbon fiber, ultra small diameter, hunting arrow.  The Victory Archery VAPTM(Victory Armour Piercing) arrows are the most powerful and accurate hunting arrow available on the market today. 

Victory Archery’s VAPs have set a new standard in the target arena with its ultra-small diameter, and thick walled, 100% high-modulus carbon core arrow.  The combination of these characteristics and Victory's Penetrator IITM  broadhead adapters offer an insane hunting arrow with NO compromises. Independent tests have confirmed that the blistering speeds from the VAPs offer deeper penetration and more deadly killing power than standard diameter arrow shafts. Research has also shown that VAPs are more efficient, quieter, and are less affected by crosswinds, making them the most incredibly accurate arrows ever produced. The Extreme Front of Center (EFOC) design gives the bowhunter the ultimate in long range accuracy and penetration. 

The VAPTMarrows accept either hardened aircraft grade 70-75 Aluminum Penetrator Adapters or a new Stainless Steel Penetrator Adapter. The aluminum adapters are available in a 5/16" diameter weighing 43 grains. Bowhunters looking for a more Extreme Front of Center balance for their arrows will have confidence in the 9/32" diameter stainless steel adapters, which weighs in at 92 grains. All Penetrator Adapters will accept a standard 8/32” field point or broadhead. Bowhunters looking to shrink their group sizes with target accuracy and have more confidence in their hunting arrows are making the move to Victory Archery’s VAPTM arrows. All Victory V1 and V3 straightness tolerance arrows are treated with the revolutionary Victory ICE coating that sets Victory arrows apart from the competition. This new coating is super slick, which requires 60% less pull force to remove from a target and reduces the noise as the arrow slides over any arrowrest. VAP arrows have it all and they do it all!