Rinehart Targets is pleased to include the new Booner Buck 3D target to an already stellar family of shooting targets. This beautifully sculpted buck boasts a trophy size simulated weight of 200 pounds and a 10 point spread that will help tame that troublesome buck fever.

Rinehart has constructed this target out of its legendary "self-healing" foam for maximum durability. The signature series foam insert and replaceable core is more than capable of stopping all arrows and bolts in their tracks. Easy arrow removal makes tugging and pulling with all your strength a thing of the past. The Booner buck stands at 58" tall, 45" long and 12" wide, creating a target fit for all shooters.

The Booner Buck retails for $299.99 and is waiting to take on your arrows in preparation for the next Boon and Crocket buck that comes your way.