One of America’s favorite and most respected grocers is selling rabbit meat, and unfortunately drawing waves of criticism for it.

Whole Foods, known for their natural and less processed choices starting selling rabbit after numerous customers repeated requests.

While it’s true rabbits are found in pet stores as furry little friends, they are also found in some of world’s the most high-end restaurants and many a family table.

It’s not shocking that The House Rabbit Society has issues with eating rabbit, but it is ridiculous.

Rabbit advocacy groups—yes, there is more than one—see the fluffy creatures as companion animals and not meals.  Whole Foods spokesman Mike Silverman told the Huffington Post the company is sensitive to this notion but reminds they are meeting customer demand.

"A number of shoppers have been asking Whole Foods Market to carry rabbit for years but conventional raising practices do not meet our rigorous animal welfare standards," Silverman explained. "To meet our customers’ requests for rabbit we needed our own set of animal welfare standards. These animal welfare standards are a direct result of a rigorous four-year process to address the welfare issues in rabbit production."

However, four years of studying how to safely and effectively bring a customer requested meat to market is not enough to keep the advocacy groups at bay.

Protests are still slated at your neighborhood Whole Foods.

If rabbit gumbo sounds good but you don’t have meat in your freezer from hunting season, then head to Whole Foods and tell them thanks for offering it.