Promatic has introduced the all new Harrier XTS geared for the small club and individual use. The new Harrier XTS has all the features of the previous Harrier and now adds the ability to adjust vertical height to 70 degrees and side to side tilt to extreme positions.

Standard features include:

  • Six column carousel with 200 bird capacity
  • Steel mainframe with hard blue polyester finish
  • Aluminum throwing arm with Polyurethane strip
  • Proven "Knife Edge" system to feed wet or frozen clays without failure
  • 1.5 second recocking time
  • Simple set up and throwing height adjustment from below horizontal up to near vertical for "teal" clays and extreme tilt positions
  • 12 Volt Operation
  • Stainless steel throwing surface
  • Durable electrical control box with simple toggle switch for on/off
  • 3 year warranty
  • Backed by the Promatic Superior Service Team

The new machine is available now and will be a great addition to the Promatic lineup that includes over 65 machines.