Fusion Vane 3 inch

What do smart manufacturers do when they develop a new product that not only works very well, but is also instantly accepted by the masses? Typically, they expand on the concept.

That’s more or less the story behind the new Fusion 3.0 vane from Norway Industries. Just last year Norway introduced the 2.1 Fusion Vane at the 2009 ATA Show, to both dealer acclaim and brisk sales. The short vane with the high profile (1.56 inches) was designed to effectively steer broadheads and eliminate rest clearance problems typically associated with longer vanes.

Fusion 3 inch VaneEven though the Fusion 2.1 worked as promised, the company knew it could use the concept to make it more attractive to a wider base of bowhunters. So the new 3.0 vane was born.

“We just had excellent results from people using the 2.1 vane with both field points and broadheads,” said Del Starr, Norway general manager. “But because it is as high as it is, there were a few people, using some rests, who experienced some fletching interference problems. And, there are a lot of people shooting 4- and 5-inch vanes, who just can’t go down to 2–inch vane.”

“The profile of the 3.0 vane is very similar to the 2.1, it’s just a little longer and not as high,” Starr explained.

And while they were at it, Norway also added a new 1.5-inch Fusion Vane aimed at target and other competition shooters.

The 3.0 was officially introduced October 1, while Starr said the 1.5 should be ready for the 2010 ATA Show (Booth 645).

“We’ve already created the [1.5 Fusion Vanes], and they are just beautiful little vanes,” Starr said in early October. “For target shooting, they are going to be awesome.”

All three sizes of Fusion vanes will be available in eight colors: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, pink, and black.

The 2.1 Fusion weighs 7 grains, the 3.0, 8 grains. Both are available in packs of 36 ($11.56) and 100 ($26.80). The 1.5 is available in packs of 36 only ($11.56).

For those who aren”t familiar with the “Fusion” concept, the vanes utilize two different materials — a special type of polymer for the base, and a special urethane/plastic-based compound for the upper vane “wing” — materials which are “fused” together. This expensive manufacturing process ensures that the base of the vane is flexible and sticks easily to arrow shafts, while the stiffer, upper “wing” material is able to steer broadheads effectively. The concept has been well received.

Norway String Tamer

“We expected good things from the 2.1 Fusion Vane, but the response to this point has been pretty exciting,” Starr said in October. “[2010] should be pretty dramatic. Norway sells in excess of 20 million vanes per year, and the Fusion [series] is just going to add to that. It”s always amazing to us — you start a business knowing you’re in a niche market, and when it grows beyond your expectations, it”s fun, and it’s exciting.”

And don”t forget Norway’s proven StringTamer riser-mounted string dampener. For 2010 the company has introduced the new G2 model StringTamer. It”s a more-sexy, considerably sleeker, design that features a lighter weight, and does a better job of suppressing vibration. Both rear- ($49.95; extends to 8 1/8 inches) and front-mount ($59.95; reaches to 11 1/8 inches) models are available. Both come in black only. “The whole goal is to reduce the number of SKUs the dealer has to carry, and make a more exciting, lighter-weight, better-performing product. I think people are going to like them a lot.”

Website: Norway Industries