magnus broadheadAfter building one of the most-respected names in the broadhead industry over the past 27 years, Magnus wants archery pro shops everywhere to know another critical fact: For 2011 the company infrastructure is now just as solid as its growing lineup of quality products—and is geared specifically to help retailers succeed.

More and better marketing, better and more-efficient product manufacturing and design, and a laser-focus on increasing customer service has this innovator poised to reach the next level. All these “upgrade” efforts that were begun in 2010 have the company already rocking and rolling in 2011—with a very bright future ahead.

Why the serious upgrade? As company officials explained, the “wake-up” call came back in 2009, with the company’s introduction of the great-looking Snuffer SS broadhead—a compact, one-piece, extra-durable three-blade broadhead designed for use with high performance compounds. Demand was nearly instant for the head that was introduced for the fall of 2009, and momentum continued through early 2010. Then, as the company anxiously awaited a June 2010 delivery of a huge order from a supplier it had used without issue for years, disaster struck: The supplier had mysteriously gone out of business. Worse? No “back-up” suppliers were in place—as founder and CEO Mike Sohm struggled with wearing the multiple hats required for his fast-growing company.

The unfortunate result of the production dilemma? The Snuffer SS would not be produced again until February of 2011. However, there was a bright side to the “down time” as well. During the stretch Sohm added some key people, including John Betker, vice president of sales and marketing. Also, Sohm—an experienced machinist—was able to sit down with engineers Mike Ward and Woody Sanford and redesign the head to make it better than ever.

“Now it’s made entirely of 420 stainless steel—not just the fl ange and the ferrule—and we’ve improved the tip so the broadhead is actually going to be 50 times stronger than before,” Sohm said. “We’ve also improved the ‘trueness’ of the head. We spin-test every broadhead, and with the improvements that we’ve made, the tolerances are .003 or less on each head, which not only makes a difference with high-speed compounds, but really makes a difference out of crossbows; they fl y like darts.

“In my opinion, if the broadhead isn’t flying right, it’s over before it’s started,” Sohm continued. “After spin-checking every broadhead, we know that when it leaves here, we know it’s not going to have any issues in flight. One of the things that I’ve always been adamant about, is that we have to be very diligent about our quality.”

After selling its traditional line of broadheads to Louisiana-based Thundervalley Archery in early 2011, the Magnus broadhead line now includes four heads: The current best-selling, replaceable-blade Stinger—available in both 2- and 4-blade models—the similar Stinger Buzzcut, the Snuffer SS, currently available in 100- and 125-grain models with an 85-grain on the way, and the turkey-specific Magnus Bullhead (100 and 125 grains) that’s designed specifically for deadly head shots.

“We’re trying to make it easier for our dealers in every respect, we’re trying to generate the demand, we’ve retooled our programs and presentation of our company, to make that job so much easier—and that includes the sale of the traditional head line,” said Betker, who in just a few short months has increased Magnus print advertising twentyfold, as well as hired four separate rep groups covering all 50 states. “Previously, 70 percent of our time and labor went to producing the traditional heads, which made up only 10 percent of yearly sales; it just wasn’t sustainable. By shedding that, we’ve just become so much more effi cient. So much so that our goal right now, for the remainder of 2011 and beyond, is to never have another backorder; that’s how much the traditional line complicated the business.”

Betker said the company can now focus more efficiently on production, R&D for new products, and sales and marketing—continuing the emphasis that began last year.

“We’ve increased our print ads with several national publications, and are running multiple ads throughout the year, and that growth will continue into 2012,” Betker said. “And for TV, we’re looking at several opportunities, and you will see more spot commercials on The Sportsman Channel, including ‘prime time’ ads right through the [hunting] season—which we’ve never done before. And our new, greatly improved website has a tentative launch date of July 1.

“Our dealer network is absolutely priceless to us, which is why we have brought out ‘in-field’ sales representation in all 50 states right now, and that’s something that Magnus has really never had,” Betker continued. “So we’ve got a team of 17 people selling Magnus now whereas before those duties were handled by one person in-house.”

Still more reason for optimism is the company’s relatively new but very well received GroundSwat Tactical camo clothing that includes the innovative Eclipse line. It’s reversible (camo to black) for dedicated ground blind hunters, and still very affordable.

For general customer service info call Magnus at (800) 720-5341 or go to; for sales questions contact John Betker at; for broadhead tech questions including resharpening tips, contact Woody Sanford at