What happens when the brain of a curious coroner student dissatisfied with the sharpness of his surgical instruments starts tinkering? Well, for Arthur Lansky Levine, founder of Lansky Sharpeners, it meant developing the first control angle sharpening system.

“Arthur matched what he knew about surgical instruments and sharpening and paired it with his knowledge of managing his father’s sporting goods store to start his own business,” said Lansky Sharpeners Marketing Coordinator Billy Alguire. “Once he started making the sharpeners, he grew the business out of his garage. People would actually come to the house and purchase the product, and that developed into the company that we have today.”

Alguire wasted no time getting into Lansky’s exciting 2013 lineup, which includes a number of purposeful, ergonomic, and sophisticated products. Better yet? All are affordable.

“We have a bunch of exciting products for 2013!” exclaimed Alguire. “One we are really excited about is the BowSharp Tool & Sharpener ($17). Basically, it’s a Tungsten Carbide pull-through sharpener designed to work on broadheads and knives. The great thing about this product is that if you get a couple of dings in your broadhead blade, the aggressive Tungsten Carbide sharpener will quickly get those dings out. Plus, you can do this while afield. Also involved in the BowSharp is a broadhead wrench which is safe and efficient, and a set of eight Allen wrenches ranging from 5/64 to 7/32. We also included flathead and Phillips screwdrivers. The idea behind this product was to incorporate as many useful tools into one unit as possible to accommodate both the bow and crossbow hunter.

“Another great product is the Hammerhead ($14). This tool combines Lansky’s popular V-shaped Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic Rod sharpening elements with a convenient bottle cap opener and beverage tab. This product is perfect for hunting camps and backyard barbeques. Not only can you quickly take the damage out of a blade, but you can also polish that blade. And the bottle top and beverage tab make opening cans and bottles quick and easy.

“We are also thrilled to unveil our T.A.S.K. Apocalypse Survival Kit ($200). With natural disasters and civil unrest on the rise, preparedness and survival is becoming a really big theme. This product capitalizes on that theme. We took five of our own products and matched them with four other products that we sourced in. The kit is fairly low priced and is loaded with high-quality equipment that will help one survive any disaster scenario.

“Our new knife, the Evader Tactical ($20), is being paired as a special with our Diamond Carbide Tactical Sharpening Rod. This knife is just a great every day carry knife made from 420 Stainless-Steel with a powder coat on top. The handle is anodized aluminum and it has a great skeletonized stainless-steel liner lock. It’s a simple low-cost blade that can be used for a variety of purposes.”

Always on the leading edge of product design and function, Alguire noted that sales have really increased over the past couple of years, and this is a trend he doesn’t see diminishing.

“We are super excited about 2014. We continue to pick up more business, and we dedicate lots of time to developing innovative products that we know people in the outdoor industry will be excited about. Our products will continue to be innovative, ergonomic, and easy to use.”

For more info: (716) 877-7511; www.lansky.com.