Talk about a company on a roll. GSM launched Stealth Cam barely a dozen years ago. Their idea was to build an integrated, functional wildlife surveillance/trail camera, not to piece them together from miscellaneous parts and pieces. The clean, simple designs eventually became more complex, but this offered consumers a wide variety of options and price points.

Whether wildlife or scouting cameras are the hottest product in the outdoor industry is arguable—crossbows, for instance, might contest that honor— but their versatility is undeniable and, for sheer fun, they are unbeatable. In addition, as internal cameras changed from film to digital images, the price has fallen dramatically as production has ramped-up and these cameras are now affordable for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Stealth Cam has a record of innovation. In 2009 the company introduced the world’s first High Definition trail camera. It delivered clear pictures, crisp audio, and HD video. Today, hundreds of video clips have been posted on Facebook and YouTube. The following year, Stealth Cam introduced additional options in its 3-in-1 models (the company calls this Triad Technology): programmable high resolution day or nighttime still images, video with audio or time-lapse stills at pre-determined intervals.

Doug Mann, vice president for product development and marketing, says they have so many ideas for exciting new products that the company has to be careful to focus. “Indeed,” he says, “trail cameras are hot now and have been for the past six to seven years. We have evolved from 35mm film to digital and now to HD video with the ZX7 Processor.”

The Sniper Shadow ($200) with new “ZX7 Processor” was introduced at the 2013 Archery Trade Show. The processor allows easier set-up among the available options, faster trigger speeds, and longer battery life for all three of the Triad modes: still pictures with 2x or 4x digital zoom, video with audio, and time-lapse stills … all in a High Definition package.

In addition there are other features that give the Sniper Shadow a top-of-the-line functionality. The programmable video runs for 5-240 seconds with audio and allows data time code stamping. With the Time Lapse Hybrid function, this camera offers three-resolution still imagery at 8MP, 3MP or 1.3MP settings. The 54 “black” infra-red emitters make this camera truly stealthy and the 50-foot range with IR 54/36 control switch enables the user to adjust the light output to specific scouting scenarios where more or less light intensity may be needed. Sniper Shadow also has Burst Mode that captures 1-9 images per triggering with a 5-59 second or 1-59 minute recovery time out.

The external LCD status display identifies the number of images or video captured. It operates on 8 AA batteries with an external power jack for 12V battery box. The time/date/moon phase and temperature stamp helps identify the exact wildlife habits for the hunter. The SD card slot accepts up to a 32GB memory card and the rugged housing is weather-proof.

The new and very affordable Skout-NoGlo ($140) also uses the ZX7 microprocessor and Stealth Cam’s Triad Technology for still images, video/audio and time lapse pictures. Its video setting is 10-180 seconds with audio, and still images are available in 7MP, 3MP or 1.3MP; the lower the resolution, the greater number of images can be stored on the 32GB SD card. Many bowhunters struggle with programming scouting cameras, but the ZX7’s Quick Set feature offers three preset modes in addition to a manual set-up mode. This should save time (and, let’s face it, some frustration as well) if a hunter waits to do the set-up in the field.

The Skout-NoGlo uses 32 “Black” IR (no glow) emitters that have a 30-foot range. The Burst Mode captures 1-9 images per triggering with a 5-59 second or 1-59 minute recovery time out. The information display indicates battery strength and the unit comes with a USB port. It operates on 8 AA batteries with an external power jack for 12V battery box.

Building on the $150 Unit X, the Unit X Ops ($170) offers Stealth Cam benefits to hunters at an affordable price: ZX7 processor, Triad Technology, adjustable image quality and adjustable video time, burst mode and 38 IR emitters with a 50-foot range. It is available inside a camo or dark green weather-proof unit and the camera’s digital zoom can be set between 2X and 4X. The SD memory slot accommodates a 32GB card and the unit operates on 8 AA batteries.

Vice President Mann says that dealers who are interested in Stealth Cam or the new Epic point-of-view action digital HD cameras or the new Drone Command Hub ( should give the office a call to set up a demonstration and visit from a sales rep. Drone is a cellular based wireless system that allows for complete control and image monitoring from any computer, anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available: drone hardware and software $600 with monthly wireless plans beginning at $20 per month.

Stealth Cam is part of the GSM Outdoors family of brands with Walker’s Game Ear, American Hunter Wildlife Feeders, Maestro & Western Rivers Game Calls, Cyclops (lighting and power products for the outdoors) and others.

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