Started in 1963 by William “Billy” Amentor, Cajun Archery jumped immediately into the manufacturer limelight as a quality producer of hardwood and cedar arrow shafts. In an effort to diversify and bring more quality products to consumers, Cajun purchased the rights to the original Sting-A-Ree bowfishing tip in 1976. It was that purchase that put Cajun Archery on the fast track to becoming an industry leader in the bowfishing arena.

In 2004, Cajun Archery was purchased by David White, owner of Hot Shot Manufacturing in Logan, Utah. Then in December of 2012, bow manufacturing kingpin Bear Archery acquired Cajun Archery.

“We at Bear have always had an interest in bowfishing,” said Bear Marketing Manager Jason Pickerill. “Lots of guys here at the company bowfish in their spare time, and we see it as a growing market. Basically, we were just waiting for the right time and the right opportunity to jump into that market. Cajun was that opportunity. When we at Bear jump into something we give it our all, and we knew that with an established company like Cajun, we could provide consumers with incredible products that they could match with our incredible bows. Cajun is renowned for their quality products and top-end customer service. We felt like it was a good fit and a good place for us to hang our hat in the bowfishing industry.”

Being that Bear Archery took the reins of Cajun shortly before the 2013 ATA Trade Show, no new products were added to the line. However, Bear has big plans for Cajun Archery in the future.

“Cajun is known for their quality shafts and numerous bowfishing points,” Pickerill said. “Points like the Piranha, Warhead, and Sting-A-Ree Tournament are popular with the bowfishing crowd. Another huge plus is that Cajun has points that will work on any species of game fish, and their points meet the needs and experience level of any bowfisherman. Then there are amazing arrows like the Yellow Jacket, which are really selling well for us right now. These arrows feature a blend of carbon and fiberglass, making them bulletproof. Plus, we are moving a lot of drum reels and spin reel kits. I’m very optimistic about the future of Cajun Archery.

“Cajun Bowfishing will be a ‘stand alone’ brand for us. It will be our bowfishing brand. We will bring an updated look and feel to the brand, and we will make it cool just like we’ve done with Bear and Trophy Ridge. We will update it and put the ‘pedal to the metal’ in terms of new product design and innovation. We will give the brand a personality all of its own. Our 2014 new products are ‘hush-hush’ right now, but we do have some exciting things coming down the pipe.”

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