The hits just keep coming.

Just days after ATK Sporting Group announced it was laying off 120 employees at two of its Savage Arms facilities, news sources are confirming that Remington Outdoors will lay off 105 employees from its flagship factory in Ilion, New York.

According to the Utica Observer Dispatch, the layoffs are a result of Remington's decision this spring to consolidate some of its operations to a new manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama. In May, the company announced 80 jobs would be moved to Huntsville from the Ilion plant, but the workers would not move with them.

"Today's reduction in force is a result of this strategic business decision and a softening market," Teddy Novin, Remington Outdoor Company’s director of public affairs, told the Observer Dispatch.

The layoffs are a serious blow to the community in and around Ilion, where the Remington Arms company established one of the country's oldest manufacturing plants in 1816. The factory still employs about 1,000 workers, but recent moves to Huntsville and New York's new gun laws have residents worried the future of Remington's home in Ilion may be in doubt.

"With the new gun regulations — we all thought they would have an impact on Remington even if (Gov. Andrew Cuomo) said they wouldn’t," one local store owner told the Observer Dispatch. "I wonder how the governor feels now."