Ladder Stands for 2011

Customers who prefer “no-brainer” climbing and ultra “all-day” comfort need to be shown the very latest in ladders.
Ladder Stands for 2011
leverage speed ladder

Leverage Treestands

The new Speed Ladder ($299) by Leverage Treestands (800-450-3343; appears to be one of the most functional, truly portable ladders to hit the market yet. Weighing 38 pounds, it packs flat and uses a telescoping design to extend the ladder to over 14 feet in seconds. Featuring a cast aluminum 21.25x27.75-inch platform, it offers the company’s own leveling system that achieves a perfectly level platform on trees leaning as much as 10 degrees. Finally, the dual-layered, foam-padded seat is covered in a deadly quiet, waterproof Tricot.

ameristep bone collector deluxe ladder


Ameristep’s (810-686-4035; new steel Bone Collector 18-Foot Deluxe Ladder Stand ($230) has a platform size of 20.5x23 inches and weighs 75 pounds. It features the flip-up DuraSling Seats, made of weatherproof and wear-resistant material. The quiet non-stretch material resists fading, mildew, and rot.

millenium l 50 ladder stand


The L-50 16-Foot Single Ladder ($230) is Millennium’s (601-932-5832; new 55-pound, all-steel ladder. It features a large ComfortTech contoured, tight sling seat, smallish platform, and a powder coat finish. The adjustable shooting rail and armrests are padded. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

rivers edge jumbo jack

Rivers Edge

Rivers Edge (800-450-3343; is billed as the ladder stand experts and offers 12 ladders in its lineup. One of the new stands, the steel Jumbo Jack ($189), is a spacious, “1.5-man” 17-foot ladder built for all-day comfort. It has a 30x26-inch platform, 26x16-inch mesh seat, and 26.5x14-inch independent backrest. The armrests and extra-wide, removable shooting rail are padded, with a footrest for added comfort. The flip-up seat design allows for full use of the platform.

sniper intimidator ladder stand

Sniper Treestands

The Intimidator Ladder ($172) from Sniper Treestands (507-831-2540; offers all-steel construction, stands 17.5 feet high, weighs 70 pounds, and has a 25x25-inch platform. It has padded flip-up footrest, armrests, and shooting rail, as well as a flip-up seat. It can accommodate tree diameters as small as 9 inches. Fasteners and an adjustable support bar are included for installation.

big game titan xt ladder stand

Big Game Treestands

Big Game Treestands (800-268-5077, has two new ladders for 2011. The Titan XT 16.5-Foot ($230) weighs 58 pounds with a flip-up seat measuring 23x15 inches and a 30x23-inch platform. The padded shooting rail can be flipped up or removed completely for a clear shooting lane. Stability is provided on this 58-pound ladder by three single rail-sleeved ladder sections, a support bar, ratchet strap, and two stabilizer straps. The other is The Ultra-View DX 16-Foot Ladderstand ($290). Featuring a 48x42-inch V-shaped platform, it has an 18x11-inch swivel seat. It uses the same stability features and has a flip-up footrest and a surrounding padded shooting rail.

Tripods & More

big dog quad ladder

Big Dog Treestands

Big Dog Treestands’ (309-263-6800; new 16-Foot Bow Quad ($430) is octagon-shaped with a 52x52-inch platform. With a 7-foot ceiling height and long, zip-out windows, this unit was designed for bowhunters. The lack of a seat opens the floor space for extra movement space inside the unit. The fabric is a heavy canvass material that keeps down the wind and scent. It also comes with a floor mat.

millenium t 100 tripod stand


The 36-pound T-100 10-Foot Tripod ($370) from Millennium (601-932-5832; is light, portable, and folds for transport for the run and gun hunter. Its all-aluminum construction has a powder coat finish. Equipped with adjustable legs for uneven ground, and non-sink, no slip footings, it can accommodate somewhat uneven terrain. The Comfortech seat spins 360 degrees, and the stand comes with a lifetime warranty.

shadow hunter stand

The Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter’s (888-446-4868; Total View comes in a 5x5- ($1460) and 6x6-foot ($1,572) models. It can be used on the ground as well as being elevated. Due to its long, horizontal corner windows, it offers 360-degree shooting, giving hunters more shooting choices than most other enclosed pods. It also comes with all of the standard Shadow Hunter features, including the Silent Shadow Window System, aluminum exterior, insulated walls, and a carpeted floor.

redneck hunting blind

Redneck Hunting Blinds

Redneck Hunting Blinds (877-523-9986; has improved its Predator 360 Combo gun/bow blind and 10-foot stand ($3,000) for 2011. This flagship blind has an exterior composed of molded fiberglass with UV-protected gel coat color that won’t peel or fade, making the blind virtually maintenance-free. The tempered automotive glass windows feature whisper-quiet hinges. Speaking of windows, it offers four 46x8.5-inch corner bow windows plus 27.25x9.5-inch side and back windows and an 18x9.5-inch door window. Additionally, with an interior of 71x59x80 inches, it offers several unique design features to ensure a weather-tight finish, along with carpeted floor and walls to make them among the quietest blinds available today.


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