The nation's oldest operating archery target manufacturer, Hips Archery Targets, based in San Antonio, TX, announced in November that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Austin Foam Plastics (AFP), the largest foam fabricator in the United States. AFP immediately began manufacturing the complete line of Hips Archery Targets, utilizing its five state-of-the-art, U.S.-based manufacturing facilities.

Darrin Brown, owner of Hips Archery Targets, said that the new partnership brings many advantages to the Hips brand, which ultimately carries over to the Hips dealers.

"The partnership with AFP gives Hips Archery Targets virtually unlimited manufacturing capacity," said Brown. "AFP can build them better, faster, and they have the logistical capability to fulfill orders quickly from any one of their five locations across the country. That means we can put the pedal to floor and focus on sales, marketing, and new product development, with the knowledge that we can fulfill all orders at any time, to any place, with complete confidence."

Rick Lange, vice president of operations for AFP, concurred with Brown on the benefits the partnership brings to both parties.

"AFP is excited to expand their production into the archery industry," said Lange. "With both companies having their roots in Texas it's a perfect fit, and we look forward to providing design, manufacturing, inventory control, and fulfillment services from any one of our technologically advanced facilities."

AFP's team of engineers will also be assisting Hips with the development of innovative new products for the consumer market. This will allow Hips Archery Targets to introduce new products into the market quickly and efficiently on a regular basis.

"This partnership takes Hips to an entirely new level," said Brown. "In the end it's all about capacity, capacity, capacity, and our partnership with AFP now gives Hips the capacity needed to market, sell, build, and develop with unequaled confidence long into the future."

Hips Archery Targets designs and manufactures a full line of advanced foam archery targets for all ability levels. Hips Archery Targets has been around for over 35 years, making it the oldest archery target manufacturer in the world. For more information please visit or call (210) 492-8774.