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Headhunter Bow Strings has announced it is under new ownership. Brothers Brian, Brad, and Jeff Adee took over operations January 1, 2011, bringing over 60 years of manufacturing business experience to Headhunter.

“We were excited to find a company with such a strong foundation and excellent customer base,” said Brian Adee, chief operations officer. “And yet with our manufacturing background, we saw many opportunities for improvement.”

“Our focus since assuming operations has been to institute lean six sigma practices to gain efficiencies and reduce waste,” said Jeff Adee, president. “We have also been adding capacity in order to grow.”

Headhunter Bow Strings is one of the largest independent string and cable manufacturers in the world, employing 35 people at its Meeker, Colorado, facility.

“We are not a custom string and cable maker,” points out Brad Adee, chief executive officer. “Rather, we partner with bow and crossbow original equipment manufacturers and supply their high-volume production needs. We have produced millions of strings and cables and have the capacity to meet 100 percent of any manufacturers’ string and cable requirements.”

Headhunter Bow Strings has been making cables and strings for bows, crossbows and longbows for 20 years. Ted Gillis started Headhunter Strings in 1991 in Meeker, Colorado.

For more info contact Headhunter Bow Strings, 1076 West Market St., Meeker, CO 81641. (608) 921-8567;