Unique 6-in-1 target system offers images of popular and exotic game animals, even shooting games

Looking for something new in archery targets? In April GC Archery introduced its unique GameChanger Archery Target System, which is designed to simulate a real-life bowhunting experience with the help of high-definition, interchangeable image rolls of wild game animals in their natural habitats.

Less expensive and easier to store than an entire stable of life-like 3-D targets, the GameChanger ($699) is a personal range target that features a layered foam compression structure and the first-ever series of high-definition image rolls of wild game animals; every GameChanger roll contains six waterproof, UV-resistant photo-realistic images—each 32 by 48 inches—complete with a size scale in the target’s upper corner for more simulated realism. Tired of shooting at a deer? Simply scroll to another animal. Vitals areas are superimposed to help users learn ethical arrow placement.

Current image rolls feature continent-specific game animals from North America, Europe, and Africa; also available are species-specific rolls (whitetailed deer), and challenging games, such as tic-tac-toe and roulette.

For more info call (910) 323-5311 or go to www.gcarchery.com.