Fuse Accessories really got its start out of necessity—and the feeling by some that there simply wasn’t an accessory company manufacturing products with the same high quality that was going into today’s premium bows.

“We felt the need for a high-end, quality, innovative, accessory line mainly because there were several quality bows on the market, but very few accessories with these qualities to match them with,” said Jeremy Eldredge, Fuse marketing manager. “Our second reason for starting Fuse was our dealers. We felt there was a need for a ‘dealer-only’ line of products to help them stay profitable and healthy.”

In fact, from Fuse’s inception back in 2005 until today, the company has always been a dealer-only product line—and promises to stay that way.

Since its beginning, Fuse has seen considerable growth both financially and within its product line. “Our success has come from a host of quality products, but to be honest, our Shock-Rod Technology—which we attach to all of our accessories—is probably the biggest, single difference that really sets Fuse products apart from other manufacturers… and we have a patent on that,” Eldredge explained.

Eldredge also ran down some of the best-selling Fuse products:

Carbon Blade ES Stabilizer

carbon blade stabilizer

“Our Carbon Blade stabilizers have been a hit since the day they hit the market. As a testament to the Carbon Blade’s superior design, it was used to set several world records in its first year, which really says something about the product,” Eldredge explained. “For 2012 Fuse will be introducing the Carbon Blade ES. The ES stands for ‘Extra Stiff,’ so it is a little bit larger and stiffer stabilizer then previous models. Other than that, the ES shares all of the benefits of our previous Carbon Blade stabilizers including: unmatched stiffness on the horizontal plane, 70-percent less wind drag, improved aerodynamics, and a fully-adjustable weight system.

Switch 5 Quiver

fuse switch quiver

“Prior to Fuse, there really wasn’t a quality quiver on the market,” Eldredge related. “Hunters were putting $29 plastic quivers on $800 bows! Fuse gave hunters the choice between an economy quiver or carbon quivers with single or double grabbers, high-end quick detach systems and shock rods.

“For 2012 Fuse has added what may be the ultimate in versatility to its quiver line. In the past, for example, bowhunters had to buy a four-, five-, or six-arrow quiver. Fuse’s new Switch 5 quiver lets you switch from three arrows to five arrows. “If you want to go super-lightweight and stealthy you can run it as a three-arrow quiver, and if you think you might need the extra ammo, you can switch it back to a five-arrow quiver. The Switch 5 finally givers hunters the ability to choose the configuration that works best for them, on any particular day, without carrying the extra bulk when it’s not needed,” Eldredge said.

Interceptor Sight

fuse carbon interceptor

For 2012, Fuse is introducing the Interceptor Sight, which starts with a carbon composite pin hood to shave weight. The pins are new and completely enclosed in a lightweight tube to keep them protected—so there are no more worries about broken fibers when traversing through brush—or when removing the bow from your case after a long, international flight.

“The Interceptor features a Hunter Model that has a .019-inch top pin and the rest are .029-inch. The 3-D Model features all .019-inch pins. Both are available with three-, five- or seven-pin configurations. There are two different attachment systems. The Carbon Interceptor is mounted with two carbon rods that allow the archer to move the sight in and out for perfect peep alignment with the housing. The second is a standard aluminum mount. Both models are available with standard- or micro-adjust.

Building On 2011 Success

“In 2011, two new products for Fuse were the Clinch series releases and the introduction of the Ultra Rest that resulted from a collaboration with Quality Archery Designs. “Both products did very well for our dealers. As a result, we have added to both of these offerings for 2012 with a new dual-caliper Clinch release, and an Ultra Rest that will be offered with a Realtree AP anodized finish,” Eldredge stated.

“At Fuse we are the sole ‘dealer-only’ accessory line. Every other accessory manufacturer sells to the dealer, the big-box stores and the you-name-it, they’ll sell it outlet,” Eldredge concluded. “If the dealer is not behind the sole ‘dealer-only’ brand in the industry—which is looking out for the dealer’s interests—then they should be asking themselves, ‘Why?’ Otherwise, they are just competing with all of the other outlets in the market. With Fuse, the dealer knows the only place a customer is going to find a Fuse product is in their pro shop.”

For more info on Fuse go to www.fusearchery.com; or call (801) 363-2990.