No matter how you divide today’s arrow rests—bowhunting versus competition, fall-away versus fixed, containment versus open—the models available to archers in 2011 are among the finest examples of superbly engineered mechanical complexity that Americans have ever turned out.

trophy ridge revolution

Trophy Ridge

Stylistically, the Trophy Ridge (800-694-9494; Revolution ($60 standard, $80 micro) lacks the standard “look” of a full-containment rest, but it is designed for total clearance with any fletching, any arrow speed, and zero bounce-back. The adjustable launcher cocks quickly into place, holds an arrow perfectly balanced during the draw, and finally rotates 90 degrees counter-clockwise upon release. Arrows remain contained if you let down. From the folks who bring you the Whisker Biscuit, expect easy setup and quiet shooting with included silencer pads.

apa twister rest

APA Archery

Another rest style that defies conventional expectation is APA’s full-containment Twister and new variation, Twister CD (866-353-7378; Deceptively simple, this Twister ($92) rotates as you release the string, allowing it to maintain a firm, but cushioned platform for the speeding arrow. Then it rotates counter-clockwise for fletching clearance. The original Twister’s action cord attached to the cable rod while the new Twister CD is cable-driven.

G5 Expert Pro rest

G5 Outdoors

Expert rests from G5 Outdoors (866-456-8836; look like bowfishing roller rests. On closer inspection, several characteristics help G5’s Expert Pro ($110) and its arrow-cupping launcher spool stand out: It connects to the upward buss cable to “eliminate tension” and keep cams in sync. In addition, says G5, “reverse spring technology” supports arrows five times longer than a conventional drop-away. Available in a variety of camo patterns. A separate bracket attaches to Hoyt Tec risers.

axion archery dna

Axion Archery

Axion (330-343-0900; has an entirely new style of adjustable drop-away rest called the DNA Pro ($150). Promising “full capture and total vane clearance” only joins the DNA Pro to the pack of excellent rests already available in that configuration, but the DNA Pro has a unique arrow holder that rotates horizontally on ball bearings. Shooters may either lock their arrow into the U-bracket’s shooting position for hunting or, using the draw cord that attaches to the bow cable, lift the arrow into position at full draw. The rest incorporates three Mathews noise and vibration dampeners and will soon come with trimmed bristles for the U-bracket arrow holder to eliminate any possibility of crimping the arrow.

schaffer opposition

Schaffer Performance Archery

The improved Opposition from Schaffer Performance Archery (952-894-6169; is comfortable amid the new and stylized rests. At rest and full draw, the Opposition ($139) is a full-containment rest, and is now more silent for 2011. The arrow won’t get bumped out of position or move around inside the containment area, the polymer arms of which are lined with felt for quiet shooting. The unique design prevents bounce-back and “makes vane clearance issues a thing of the past, even for the fastest short-brace-height bows.” Interchangeable side plates are available for specialized bow risers.

muzzy xcelerator


Unique? Distinctive? Check out Muzzy’s (770-387-9300; X-Celerator Drop Away ($72). It’s a second-generation Zero Effect and has been around the block, but it fits all bows, left- and right-handed, using a trademarked plastic armature to gather arrows and slide them into the rest slot at full draw. Muzzy refers to it as a “drive-away” rest because it uses an adjustable rigid armature attached to the downward cable—instead of using an attachment cord—to bring the rest up at full draw and ultimately drive it out of the way of the arrow.

qad hdx arrow rest

Quality Archery Designs

The original is the Ultra-Rest from Quality Archery Designs (434-846-5839; Endorsed by Michael Waddell’s Brotherhood, the Ultra-Rest HD Bone Collector ($155) in Realtree AP uses an injection-molded, extended rubber thumbwheel lever. The timing cord is adjustable at the thumbwheel. The yoke/launcher is felt-lined for quiet shooting. When this full-containment rest drops, it locks to guarantee total fletching clearance, and a string interior spring ensures that it drops fast. The launcher drops only when the bow is fired, not during a slow let-down.

hoyt ultra rest


The Hoyt (801-363-2990; Ultra Rest ($140) capitalizes on a popular style of full-containment drop-away rests that use a large Y-yoke launcher with an adjustable covering arm. Internal spring tension (Velocity Drop-Away Technology) drops the yoke at the perfect moment of release. An extended thumb lever allows cocking into full-capture mode until shot or un-cocked. The timing cord attaches to the bow’s downward buss cable. (A similar Ultra Rest is in the affiliated FUSE accessory line-up.)

aae doa rest

Arizona Archery Enterprises

The DOA Full Capture/Fall-Away rest ($129) from Arizona Archery Enterprises (928-772-9887; also uses an adjustable yoke-launcher and overhead bar for torque-free shooting. The nylon launcher remains up once it is cocked, falling for fletching to clear about three-quarters of the way through launch. Use your thumb to press the base of the launcher to reset after a shot. It will not fall as you slowly let down.

ripcord code red arrow rest


Ripcord’s adjustable Code Red Arrow Rest ($110; 406-683-0100; features a silent, over-molded red Delrin yoke that does not bounce back after arrow passage because an “internal brake”—the DropDead brake system—solves that arrow flight issue. A small launcher cup to hold your arrow is included for attachment atop the bow’s rest shelf for those times when you let down from full draw. A no-hassle “football clip” attaches the cord to the bow’s cable without the necessity of serving.

limbsaver drop away rest


Among the rest models that are “practically new” is the 3.2-ounce LimbSaver (877-257-2761; Fall-Away ($90) from Sims Vibration Laboratory. This open-top Y-launcher rest comes with two cord attachment point options, two of the special Sims vibration-reducing pads and, for your bow shelf, an arrow holder and soft drop pad to reduce bounce-back.

trophy taker smackdown fc

Trophy Taker

The Smackdown all-metal fall away is “sort of” the open-yoke version of the Smackdown FC ($130) from Trophy Taker (406-826-0600; By “sort of” we mean this rest series is available with two styles of over-molded containment (angled or top slot) and two styles that provide a protective base for the rest’s launcher (half-pipe and low profile). Attach the activation cord to the lower limb (an attachment pad is provided) or the up-cable, lifting the arrow early for strong flight control.

alpine archery whisper flite

Alpine Archery

An open yoke that has become a recognizable standard for value is the adjustable WhisperFlite Fall Away Match Grade ($53) from Alpine (208-746-4717; The launcher is slotted with a “V” that acts as a built-in arrow holder. Features buss cable or cable slide pull option.

mathews down force


Mathews’ (608-269-2728; DownForce Power Retract ($130) is designed to guide the arrow longer and retract faster. With a harmonic dampener built into the rest’s side plate, the DownForce is both compact and quiet. The triggering cable attaches to the lower half of the bowstring, not the cable, so the spring-loaded cradle or yoke stays with the arrow longer for guidance during release.

octane trip wire

Octane Archery

Octane’s (541-284-4711; TripWire ($110) fall-away with wide yoke/launcher “drops at a triggered rate,” allowing the launcher to remain up and thus giving arrows full support and guidance—and total clearance—to fletching. The titanium launcher is over-molded with an abrasion-resistant dampening material for quiet shooting. A soft rubber arrow containment pad is included for placement on the top of the bow’s arrow shelf. While not a “full containment” rest, unless you drop your bow, your arrow will remain in place in the generous yoke.

outdoor dna

Outdoor DNA

Outdoor DNA (406-880-0888; is soon coming on line with the adjustable fall-away A Rest ($60). With an aluminum body and stainless Y-yoke launcher, it is activated by the downward-moving buss cable. (Coming later this year, the adjustable Arrowlock SR is a full-containment drop-away rest unlike any other.)

cuca outdoors silencer rest

CUCA Outdoors

The black, all-metal Silencer Drop-Away rest ($34) from CUCA Outdoors (909-544-1986; uses a stainless yoke launcher that is polyvinyl-coated for quiet shooting. Laser engraved windage and elevation scales offer micro centershot adjustments. Weighs just 2.8 ounces; draw cord attaches to lower buss cable.

nap capture 360


The brush-rest technology takes the original Bear Hair shelf rest for recurves and gives it a shot of steroids. This full-capture style, in use and development for several years (see NAP’s simplified 360 Capture, $40) is certainly more complicated, but it is also silent and deadly.

pse tri van arrow rest

PSE Archery

PSE (520-884-9065; has become aggressive in the accessory line once again, now offering the Tri-Van ($100) whose innovative design holds an arrow securely at any angle through the draw cycle. Upon release, the three silent, brush-tipped, cushioned support arms snap back from the path of the arrow and into the circular housing, resulting in friction-free arrow flight. Can be used right- or left-handed.

mid atlantic tri can pro rest

Mid-Atlantic Archery

It was Mid-Atlantic Archery (410-658-9660; that pioneered arrow brush technology in a total capture—even during let-down—“vanishing rest” with a lightweight polymer housing. Mid-Atlantic says this style of rest lets bowhunters gain up to 12 fps with no friction and no vane damage. Tri-Van rests like the Multi-Adjust Pro ($130) use solid, all-metal launcher arms.

athens archery omega

Athens Archery

From Athens Archery (574-224-2300; comes the black Omega Elite ($140), a true encapsulation rest that provides three-point contact with soft retractable fingers—not brushes exactly, but not chain link either. Promising total vane clearance, the Omega Elite is aluminum and weighs 4.6 ounces. You’ll also find easy set-up with a cable clamp.

nap apache micro


Imagine trophy caribou racks marching upward and inward, in an almost unimaginable “U,” enough to carry a Volkswagen and place in the record book forever. A series of rests such as the new Apache Micro ($80) full-capture drop-away from New Archery Products (800-323-1279; takes advantage of this functional styling. They have everything you want in a rest unless you’re actually hanging upside-down to shoot.

The Micro (right-hand only) uses tool-less knobs for easy adjustment. It’s also quiet, the bracket lined with a sound-dampening pad, the self-centering yoke/launcher line with felt. Arrows won’t contact metal. The cord serves to your down buss cable, and it comes with an included spacer for proper mounting to the riser.

vapor trail ld pro rest

Vapor Trail

Vapor Trail’s ( proven Limb Driver ($90) with the Big-Y launcher and tough enclosure arms offers zero fletching contact, but that successful rest was not the model for the new Limb Driver ProV ($130). Inside its arrow-capturing cage, the felt-lined V-style launcher arm lies flat, the arrow resting on a soft pad attached to the bow shelf. Attaching to the upper limb, the cord draws the launcher up and lifts the arrow.

specialty archery timberdoodle

Specialty Archery

Specialty Archery (800-555-2856; is the latest owner of the Bodoodle rest line. Bodoodle went out of business after the death of archery innovator S.G. Christian, and now Specialty is making this solid line work.

With distinctive styling, Bodoodle’s 2.4-ounce Timberdoodle II ($80) is just right for finger shooters. Twin aluminum support fins are mounted at the 3- and 7-o’clock positions on a zero-play yoke with external tension spring. The yoke pivots down and in at the shot to provide fletching clearance. Included is a set of silencing tape for the fin tips.

spot hogg whammy


Spot-Hogg (888-302-7768; sells three high-end micro-adjustable competition rests, but the fall-away Whammy ($102) also works for bowhunters. The twin silent-sleeved launchers are spring-loaded and always in the “up” position. In fact, the cord is completely slack at full draw. Automatically resets after each shot.

cobra archery c 603

Cobra Archery

Cobra (918-366-3634; offers the classic, but simple shoot-through arrow rest (C-603; $15) for competitors. Two adjustable stainless steel prongs with independent windage, spring tension, and elevation adjustments—right hand only.

hamskea versa rest

Hamskea Archery

The adjustable fall away Versa Rest ($180) from Hamskea (970-978-8490; is for bowhunters and target archers alike because it can be configured four different ways: top or bottom limb-actuated, cable-actuated, fixed-position (a stainless target blade rest with adjustable blade angle), or adjustable spring tension (12 adjustment options per revolution of the spring knob). A buffered pull cable eliminates launcher rebound.

brite site vertiklik

Brite Site

Original Brite Site (973-584-0637; builds the all-metal Pro Tuner ($140) with stainless lizard tongue launcher. The Verti-Klik Jesse Mount transforms this rest into archery’s only rest with both vertical and horizontal micro adjust: eight clicks (or Kliks) per turn with .003 per click.