Known for producing top-end bow accessories, the crew at Archer Xtreme has done it again. According to AXT’s Mark Garcia, the new-for-2015 Nitrix Quiver is a “Revolutionary advancement in quiver design.”

“This is the first-ever quiver to showcase Drop Rack Technology – a carbon fiber spine attached to an arrow rack which allows hunters to accommodate any length of arrow while knocking out noise and vibration,” said Garcia. “With an Allen wrench and a few quick turns, the Nitix fully extends from 11.5 inches to 17.5 inches. As a traveling hunter, this is something I really appreciate because I can shrink the quiver down to stow and go.

“The hood features a grilled gate design. This design allows for quick viewing of broadheads at all times. It happens, especially when moving through rough country that an expandable-type head will pop open. It’s nice to know this before you pull it from your quiver. The tip insert over-mold holds and keeps heads totally secure and prevents rattle. We all know that noise is bad thing for any bowhunter.”

Other features of the quiver that struck me, especially being a western hunter who often shoots with quiver attached, was the Articulating Mounting System. The system allows you to mount the Nitrix close to the bow which boosts overall balance.

Another key issue, which AXT addressed with the Nitrix, was weight. The quiver tips the scales at an ultra-light 14 ounces, and will be perfect for off-the-beaten path adventures.

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