Moon Shine Camo offers attitude-driven lifestyle camo. After getting its start with the Outshine pattern, the company’s lineup expanded to include the Harvest Moon, Wildfire and wildly popular Muddy Girl camouflage patterns. These patterns aren’t meant to blend in – they’re designed to stand out. If you want camo that you can wear around town to show off your love of hunting and the outdoors, check out these patterns.

And you’ll have two new Moon Shine patterns to choose from in 2015: the Toxic and the Undertow. The Toxic blends Moon Shine’s edgy pattern of thorns and branches with bright greens and yellows. Meanwhile, the Undertow incorporates various shades of blue. In Moon Shine’s booth at the ATA Show, the new patterns made their debut on mouse pads, one of many product categories in which manufacturers have licensed Moon Shine Camo.

In addition, Moon Shine now offers its own line of swimwear, which is available in a wide array of styles for both men and women.

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