The new Sportsman Line of targets from MGM Targets includes a couple of versatile offerings made with the tactical shooter in mind.

The Sportsman Long Range Target kit is manufactured from MGM AR-500 hardened steel and is suspended from a pendulum, which simply slides over .5-inch rebar. Adapt to uneven ground with adjustable leg height from .5-inch rebar and MGM’s Last Stand brackets, and choose target sizes from from 4 to 12 inches and starts at $95.95.

The Sportsman Double T-Post Retrofit Kit lets you double up on your AR500 hanging targets. The retrofit kit arm bolts directly to a T-post, and the bracket supplied has extended length bolts to attach a pair of targets that swing on impact. There’s no question when you score a hit. The targets are available in 4- to 12-inch round and “C” zone IPSC shapes. They’re rifle rated to 7.62×51. The T-post is not included and they carry an MSRP of $163.60.