Every year, archers look forward to the release of the new Mathews bow line, which generally delivers exciting new technologies and improvements. Eager Mathews fans will be happy to know the wait is finally over, and the 2015 bow line was definitely worth the wait.

Mathews has launched four new 2015 bows, two of which feature all-new No Cam ST Technology. This innovative new system utilizes two circular and concentric string tracks to create a balanced system with a radically smooth draw cycle and straight and level nock travel for superior accuracy.

That No Cam ST Technology drives the all-new No Cam HTR bow, a truly integrated system featuring shorter, more rigid quad limbs; a less-reflexed riser; twin Harmonic Stabilizers and Mathews’ patented Focus Grip. Reaching speeds up to 330 fps, the No Cam HTR measures 32 inches from axle to axle with a 6 5/8-inch brace height. RockMods come standard on the No Cam HTR and are available in 65-, 75- and 85-percent letoff. This revolutionary new bow comes in five exclusive finishes, including the new Stone Tactical and Lost Camo OT.

No Cam ST Technology created such a balanced and accurate system that it also drove the design of a new target bow, the No Cam TRG. In addition to the new No Cam ST Technology, the No Cam TRG features a less-reflexed riser with new cut-outs for added strength and stability. Twin Harmonic Stabilizers are also tuned to the system’s 38-inch axle-to-axle frame. The No Cam TRG is available in 7-, 8- or 9-inch brace heights and four exclusive finishes, including the new Black Anthem. RockMods also provide a solid back wall and further customization, offering either 65- or 75-percent letoff.

With all these options, setting up a bow to fit even the most discriminating shooter’s needs has never been easier. Along with the new No Cam bows, Mathews also introduced a new high-performance dual-cam bow, the Chill X Pro, and a new value option in the Solocam line, the Z2.

Visit www.mathewsinc.com for details on all the new 2015 models, as well as an exclusive look inside the Mathews Test Facility and the creation of No Cam ST Technology.