Sure to fuel the "trail camera craze," the all-new Kodiak Series cameras from Comanche Outfitters are smartphone-savvy.

Kodiak CamerasSaid by Comanche Outfitters to be the first cameras on the market with integrated Wi-Fi capability, the Kodiak Series provides access to photos and videos via a smartphone.

The big idea

Hunters don't have to invade their coveted hunting grounds to pull camera cards. No more leaving human odor. No more alerting game to your presence.

These low-impact cameras can send photos from hundreds of feet away, and you view them easily by downloading Kodiak's free app. The app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and provides users the ability to adjust camera settings and access media remotely with just a few clicks.

And all of this without the need for any kind of wireless data plan or cellular signal. Once photos/videos are received, you can email, text or post them to a social network site.

The Kodiak Series features a 12-megapixel sensor and 720 HD video recording with high-quality audio. IR LEDs, 40 to be exact, promise spectacular nighttime shots and a non-game-spooking glow. Pair all this with sub-one-second trigger speed, built-in 2-inch color LCD display with video and audio playback, and a $260 price tag, and you have a trail camera sure to create a serious buzz.

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