The 2016 update to “Deer Tracker” has been released. Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) and Powderhook’s popular free app allows hunters to monitor deer activity and harvests in their neck of the woods and across the country. The update comes with new interactive features that allow users to estimate the age and score of bucks in posted photos as well as locate nearby public hunting land.

Any observation or harvest report with a photo to come with “Age This” and “Score This” buttons to help users get opinions from fellow users. The age most selected by participants is shown as DT Age in the report. QDMA encourages hunters to learn to estimate ages of live bucks, since selecting bucks for harvest based on age is the most effective way to improve a deer population and create a more natural age distribution among bucks.

The app is driving on data entered by users. A heat map estimating the likelihood of deer activity in any selected area is created based on submitted reports from hunters who have observed deer activities and harvests in that area. The locations of users are generalized, so it is impossible to pinpoint actual properties where reports originated.

Public land information is now free for everyone who uses the free version of Deer Tracker, where it was $2.99 previously to access 800,000 hunting locations. The boundaries shown on the Deer Tracker map indicate lands that are open to public hunting. However, check local regulations for the latest information on seasons, bag limits or recent access changes.

Additional upgrades include push notifications when other hunters comment on your reports. Reports can now be sorted by dates, distance and relevance. One final addition is that hunters can now move pins on the map without other hunters being able to see their location.

Deer Tracker is available for download through the Google Play and Apple App stores and can be accessed without the app via on desktop devices.